Lineage from Adam?

S imply by presenting this page, I will discredit, for many, the genealogical information presented in my other charts. For the serious genealogist, attempting a lineage to Adam is outright foolish, because many of the personages cannot be proven to have existed or have been found outside the Bible, or outside Gaelic, Celtic or other legends. I acknowledge this. Only the names in bold, starting at #98 are listed in my alphabetical index of Marcotte ancestors.

This page was created for fun. It is, however, as accurate as I can make it, using the aforementioned sources. The lineage from Nos. 1 to 12 are based on the bible (Genesis). Nos. 13 to 100 are based largely on myth and legend (sources: Al O'Neill and Steven M. Lawson). Professional genealogists rarely accept any name that precede 450 AD, and generally discount the lineage from Genesis as unreliable from a genealogical point of view. Most of the middle section is based on Irish Pedigrees, among other varied sources, and family records as recorded in Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage (104th Ed.). There have been some reported discrepancies in published genealogies by Burke's (and others), but they are as reported by families and accepted by the Chief Herald of Ireland.

This lineage varies from the one I prepared using Davidic descent, in that this one has 10 fewer generations. The Davidic line was researched in far greater detail, by biblical scholars as they prepared a Davidic genealogy for Queen Victoria, between 1885-1902. The partial lineage from # 129-134 connecting Anne Couvent to the noble line of Robert de Joyeuse is attributable to the research of Roland-Yves Gagne and Laurent Kokanovsky, published in the Memoires de la Societe genealogique canadienne-Francaise, Vol. 57, no. 1, cahier 251, Spring 2007. This is not to say that Gagne and Kokanovsky in any way endorse attempting a lineage to Adam.

I have better things to do than engaging in theological or other arguments with anyone desirous of challenging this lineage, and will not therefore reply to email questioning the veracity of this lineage. Genealogy is just a hobby.

  1. Adam, husband of Eve, at age 130 begat
  2. Seth, who at age 105 begat
  3. Enosh, who at age 90 begat
  4. Kenan, who at age 70 begat
  5. Mahalalel, who at age 65 begat
  6. Jared, who at age 162 begat
  7. Enoch, who at age 65 begat
  8. Methuselah, who at age 187 begat
  9. Lamech, who at age 182 begat
  10. Noah, who after age 500 begat
  11. Japheth, who begat
  12. Magog, who begat
  13. Boath or Boaz = one of the sons of Magog; to whom Scythia came as his lot, upon the division of the Earth by Noah amongst his sons, and by Japhet of his part thereof amongst his sons. Boath/Boaz begat
  14. Fenius , aka Phśniusa Farsaidh, King of Scythia who begat
  15. Niul, who begat
  16. Goadhal Glas, who begat
  17. Esasru, who begat
  18. Sru, who begat
  19. Eibher Swt, who begat
  20. Beogamon, who begat
  21. Ogamon, King of Scythia, who begat
  22. Tait, King of Scythia, who begat
  23. Agnamaan, who begat
  24. Lamhfinn, who begat
  25. Agnonfinn, who begat
  26. Ermhear Glas, who begat
  27. Nenuaill, who begat
  28. Nuadhat, who begat
  29. Aldoid, who begat
  30. Earchada, who begat
  31. Deaghata, who begat
  32. Bratha, who begat
  33. Breogan, king of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia, Castile, and Portugal, who begat
  34. Bile, who begat
  35. Mileadh or Milesius, who married Scota, daughter of the Pharoah Nectonibus, and begat
  36. Ereahmon (a. 1699 BC), who begat
  37. Irial (a. 1680 BC), who begat
  38. Ekthrial (a. 1670 BC), who begat
  39. Follagh, who begat
  40. Tighearnmas (a. 1620 BC), who begat
  41. Eanbothadh, who begat
  42. Smiorgoill, who begat
  43. Faichadah I (a. 1472 BC), who begat
  44. Aonghus or Aeneas, who begat
  45. Macin, who begat
  46. Roitheachtack I (a. 1387 BC), who begat
  47. Deman, who begat
  48. Dian, who begat
  49. Siorna (a. 1180 BC), who begat
  50. Oilioll Olchacin, who begat
  51. Giallchaidh (a. 1022 BC), who begat
  52. Nuadhat I (a. 1001 BC), who begat
  53. Aodham Glas, who begat
  54. Diomon or Siomon (a. 909 BC), who begat
  55. Muireadhach I (a. 873 BC), who begat
  56. Fiadchadh Tolgrach, who begat
  57. Duach II (a. 777 BC), who begat
  58. Eochaidh Buadhach, who begat
  59. Ugaine Mor (a. 633 BC), who begat
  60. Cobhthach (a. 591 BC), who begat
  61. Melghe (a. 522 BC), who begat
  62. Ireroe (a. 480 BC), who begat
  63. Connla (a. 462 BC), who begat
  64. Oilioll III (a. 442 BC), who begat
  65. Eachaidh VIII (a. 412 BC), who begat
  66. Aonghus III (a. 304 BC), who begat
  67. Fiachadh Fearmon, who begat
  68. Oilioll Earn, who begat
  69. Fearadhach, who begat
  70. Forgo, who begat
  71. Maine, who begat
  72. Airindil, who begat
  73. Rothrein, who begat
  74. Trein, who begat
  75. Roisin, who begat
  76. Suin, who begat
  77. Deagha Cirea (a. ca. 230 BC), who begat
  78. Iar, who begat
  79. Oilioll, who begat
  80. Eaghan, who begat
  81. Eterscel Mor (a. 115 BC), who begat
  82. Conaire I Mor (a. 109 BC), who begat
  83. Cairbre Fionncor, who begat
  84. Daire, who begat
  85. Cairbre Creoneinn, who begat
  86. Lughaidh Allathaim, who begat
  87. Modha Lamba, who begat
  88. Conaire II (a. 157 AD), who begat
  89. Eochaidh Cairbre Riada, who begat
  90. Fearghus of Scotland, who begat
  91. Aonghus, who begat
  92. Eochaidh, who begat
  93. Eric (d. 474), who begat
  94. Fearghus II (d. 501), who begat
  95. Domhaugart (d. 505), who begat
  96. Gabhran (d. 560), who begat
  97. Aodhan (d. 606), who begat
  98. Eochaidh I (d. 629), who begat
  99. Domhnall I (d. 642), who begat
  100. Domhaugart (d. 673), who begat
  101. Eochaidh II (d. 698), who begat
  102. Aedh Find I "the White" (d. 778), who begat
  103. Eochaidh IV (d. 781), who begat
  104. Alpin (d. 834; not a king), who begat
  105. Cineath I (d. 858), known as Kenneth McAlpin, first King of Scots and Picts, who begat
  106. Constantin I (d. 876), who begat
  107. Domhnall (Donald) IV (d. 900), who begat
  108. Malcolm I (d. 954), who begat
  109. Cineath (Kenneth) II (d. 995), who begat
  110. Malcolm II (d. 1034), who begat
  111. Bethoc, wife of Crinan, a Thane, who begat
  112. Donnchadh I or King Duncan I (slain by MacBeth 1040) m. Sybil (Aeflaed) of Northumbria, who begat
  113. Malcolm III (d. 1093), husband of Margaret Athling (daughter of Edward the Exile), who begat
  114. Matilda, aka Edith, (b. 1079; d. 1118), wife of King Henry I of England, who begat
  115. Matilda of Normandy, who married Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, who begat
  116. Henry II Plantagenet, King of England m. Eleanor of Aquitaine, who begat
  117. John "Lackland", King of England, m. Isabelle Tallefer of Angouleme, who begat
  118. Henry III, King of England, m. Eleanor de Provence, who begat
  119. Beatrix, Princess of England, m. Jean II de Dreux, duc de Bretagne, who begat
  120. Blanche de Bretagne, m. Philippe I d'Artois, who begat
  121. Marie d'Artois m. Jean de Dampierre, who begat
  122. Marie de Dampierre, m. 1340 to Thibault de Bar, who begat
  123. Yolande de Bar m. Eudes de Grancey, who begat
  124. Jeanne de Grancey m. Jean de Chateauvillain, who begat
  125. Marie de Chateauvillain, dame de Louvois, m. Ame de Sarrebruche, who begat
  126. Robert de Sarrebruche,sire de Commercy, m. cometesse Jeanne de Roucy , who begat
  127. Jeanne de Sarrebruche m. Christophe de Barbancon, who begat
  128. Francois de Barbancon, m. Francoise de Villers, who begat
  129. Marguerite de Barbancon, m. Robert de Joyeuse,comte de Grandpre, who begat
  130. Francois de Joyeuse, seigneur de Champigneulle, m. Nicole Francoise de Beauvais, who begat
  131. Jean de Joyeuse, m. Nicole des Ancherins, dame de Sivry, who begat
  132. Louise de Joyeuse, m. Charles de Longueval, who begat
  133. Antoinette de Longueval, m. Guillaume Couveny, who begat
  134. Anne Couvent, m. Philippe Amiot, who begat
  135. Mathieu Amiot, m. Marie Miville, who begat
  136. Jean-Baptiste Amiot, m. Genevieve Guyon, who begat
  137. Marie-Anne Amiot, m. Francois-Michel Messier, who begat
  138. Francois-Michel Messier, II, m. Marie-Josephe Guyon, who begat
  139. Francois Messier, m. Marie-Catherine Deslandes, who begat
  140. Louis Messier, m. Marie-Anne Bousquet, who begat
  141. Florentin Messier, m. Marie Phaneuf , who begat
  142. Louis Messier, m. Thecle Demers, who begat
  143. Julia Messier, m. Louis Marcotte, who begat
  144. Archille Marcotte, m. Caroline Marcotte, who begat
  145. Joseph Marcotte, m. Mary Lena Moisant, who begat
  146. Leonard Marcotte (my father), m. Helen Baggett, who begat
  147. Michael Marcotte (me).

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