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** Some of the above lineage is considered conjectural, but probable, based upon what documentation exist in wills and land transactions. Perhaps the best available resource for these earliest American Baggett lines is the Baggett Family History page at:
Maury Baggett's Bagot/Baggett Family Genealogy

Whether or not the Baggett families of America or the Bagot families of Staffordshire England, one or another or both, are tied to one or more of the Bagod/Bagot/Bigod/Bigot families of Normandie, Brittany, Perche, Artois or other regions in France is still largely conjectural. The surname background research of many conmmercial enterprises, which sell coat-of-arms plaques and family surname parchment scrolls has frequently proven no more (and sometimes less) precise and verifiable than the research of family genealogists. Nonetheless, caustic observations by various individuals whose main contribution to genealogy seems to be bashing the work of others, or for example...that surmise that the French Bagot families of Brittany, Normandy and the Artois are unrelated...are equally conjectural. In the meanwhile, as we all eagerly await evidence, one way or the other, Maury Baggett's site is a very nice, expansive and clearly caveated example of sharing what one family has found, and an open subject for public examination and correction. Such cross-region family relationship is ceratinly not implausible. The Marcotte family of Fecamp, Normandie, for example, has historically documented origins in the Pas-de-Calais\Artois region which lies immediately adjacent.

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