Antoine Marcotte & Marguerite Grenier
married 20 Feb 1792, St. Leon, Maskinonge, PQ

Francois-Regis Chrétien & Marie Louise Marcotte
married 1831, Louiseville

Antoine Marcotte
& Marie Gagnon
married 1813 St. Leon, Maskinonge, PQ

M-Louise & Antoine Marcotte were sister and brother

Francois Chrétien & Elisabeth Blais
married 10 Jan 1865 St. Barnabe

Louis Marcotte & Julia Mercier
married 14 Oct 1851, Bourbonnais, IL

Francois Chrétien & Louis Marcotte were first cousins

Francois Chrétien & Olivine Laforme
married 6 Oct 1885, Manchester, NH

Archille Marcotte & Caroline Marcotte
married 1 Jan 1880 Kansas

Francois Chrétien & Archille Marcotte were 2nd cousins
Caroline Marcotte was also Francois' second cousin-once removed

Willie Chrétien & Marie Boisvert
married 27 May 1909 Shawinigan

Joseph Marcotte & Mary Lena Moisant
married 30 Jan 1906 Purcell, OK

Willie Chrétien & Joseph Marcotte were 3rd cousins

Joseph Jacques "Jean" Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada
born 1934

Leonard Marcotte & Helen Baggett
married 29 Apr 1950

Prime Minister Chrétien & Leonard Marcotte are 4th cousins

Michael Marcotte,
born 1952

Prime Minister Chrétien & Michael Marcotte are 4th cousins-once removed

 Sources for genealogy: Tanguay; Jetté; Jean Marcotte.

Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
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