Jean Marcotte, O.F.M., Capuchin

Father Jean Marcotte, was a Capuchin monk who devoted approximately a decade (1965-1974) to
collecting and compiling the names of members of the Marcotte families of North America for a
genelogical dictionary. As he grew gravely ill, in 1974, Father Jean realized that he would need
to let his work be published with some gaps and errors, rather than let the work go to waste.
The Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Marcotte was published posthumously in 1983.

While there have been numerous additions and corrections made by various family members across Canada,
the United States and France, since I created this Web site in 1995, and though I am still far from done
with adding all of the names from the Marcotte dictionary, a majority of the Marcotte individuals found in
my charts have been extracted from Father Jean’s book, and we are deeply indebted to his patient years of
research and compilation for these lineages which lead back to Fécamp, Normandy, in France.

Father Jean Marcotte, O.F.M. was born M. Louis Marcotte in 1918 to Ferdinand Marcotte and Eugenie (Berthelot).
He may be located in my charts by clicking here.

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