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This report was prepared in 1993, shortly after the return of the other four team members and myself. As (twelve years later) I reread some of the individual comments, I was struck by how each participant reacted differently to the various components of the trip. Some talked more about the schedule of activities, other delved deeper into the relationships they built. Some dealt better with the rigors of the trip than others. The entire door-to-door experience lasted thirty-seven days...about the same as the thirty-nine days the final contestants spend on a filming of "Survivor." Unlike the show, I wouldn't have wished to vote anyone off the team during the trip, but a few nerves did wear thin, once or twice (although never to the extent seen on Survivor), as we occasionally spent several days or a week in what were unquestionably "rustic" conditions, and as we came to expect a daily non-stop, tiring agenda that was more often than not opportunistic versus planned or scheduled. The manner in which the individual team members adapted was interesting to watch in retrospect, and the reader of this report should consider that the comments included herein are very candid, sometimes less than diplomatic, and entirely unmoderated - either by censor or the passage of time.

- Michael Marcotte, May 2005.

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