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know of only one book written, so far, that deals exclusively with the genealogy of the Marcotte families.
The late Father Jean Marcotte (1918 -1974), a Capuchin Monk, devoted approximately a decade (1965 - 1974)
to collecting, verifying and compiling a genealogical dictionary of the descendants of Jacques and Nicolas Marcotte.
This work was published, in 1983, by Editions de l'Echo.

As best I can determine the book is no longer available (as of May 2001, only a handful remained,
and later inquiries indicated that none were left).
The publisher was:

Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Marcotte, by Jean Marcotte
ISBN 2-920312-20-0

Editions de l'Echo
3650 boul. de la Rousseliere
Montreal, CANADA, H1A 2X9

Very occasionally, one pops up for sale on eBay or in the Used book section at Amazon,
but you have to be very persistent about checking, because they are snapped up quickly.

I have frequently been asked if I intend to publish a book containing the contents of my genealogy pages.

At some point, yes I may publish all of the materials included at this genealogy site on CD as an e-book or
in hardcopy as a Print-on-Demand version. When I might do this will depend primarily upon how soon I
finish adding all of the names that are not yet in my charts, but that were in Jean Marcotte's
dictionary or that have since been sent to me by more recent generations. The book would include
primarily the Marcotte charts, but it is probable that I will include the other related families
in a separate "related families," section with a disclaimer that such included information was
taken from other contributed genealogies with only cursory verification of sources.
A third "Folklore, Legend and Mythology" section would include any of the descents from antiquity
and/or nobility, since in most cases these, due to their largely entertainment value (vs. historical)
have been compiled with only scant re-verfication and validation of the primary sources.
This is a task that will still take several more years to complete, as I am unable to devote
very much of my time at present to the project.

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