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A few of my oil paintings

Grasse flower fields

Grasse, France- This painting is one I did circa 1986-87, in an
impressionist style, inspired by a photo I had taken in Grasse
of a much older photograph displayed in one of the local
perfume factories, of women workers gathering flowers for use
in the perfume-making process.

Acadia National Park, Ocean cliff

Acadia National Park, Maine - I completed this oil painting in
August 2019. It was inspired from photos I took while hiking
along the Ocean Path in the national park.

Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon - This painting is one I did in 2017, inspired
by a photo I took while hiking a trail in Palo Duro Canyon,
the second-largest canyon in the United States.

Otter Cliffs

Otter Cliffs, Acadia National Park - This painting is one I did in
2018, inspired by a photo I took during a 2015 hike along the
Ocean Trail, in Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bison Loop

Bison Loop - This painting is one I did in 2016, inspired by
photos I took during a 2015 hike the Wichita Mountains
Wildlife Refuge, in Southern Oklahoma.

Cozumel Dive

Cozumel Dive - This painting is an early one I did circa 1990,
not from any particular photo, but rather inspired by
underwater imagery I often encountered during various
SCUBA dives that I have done along the Palancar Reef
in Cozumel and Belize.

Acadia Woods

Acadia Woods - This painting is one I did in 2018, based on a
photo that I took in 2015, in Acadia Nation Park, while hiking
the Ocean Trail, from Otter Peaks to Sandy Beach.

Alpiglen, Switzerland view with Swiss cows

Swiss Cows at Alpiglen, Switzerland - This painting is
one I did in 2018, based on photos that I took in 2017
while hiking down from Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald.

Teton Cowboys

Teton Cowboys - This painting is one I did in 2018, based on a
photo I took during a 4 and hour trail ride at Goosewing Ranch.
The horses are mostly true to the photo, but I replaced my
family with cowboys for this painting.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada - This painting is one I did in 2018,
based on photos I took during a trail ride at Red Rock
Canyon, not too far outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber - This painting is one I did in 2019,
based on photos I took during a 2017 visit. The tower is the
13th century Markusturm, and the yellow building, just to the
right of the tower was our hotel, the Romantik Hotel
Markusturm. Both the tower and the hotel building (formerly a
medieval toll house) date from the year 1264.


Pieta - This painting is one I finished in 2020. I based the
Christ figure on a pose of a dying man from a movie I had
watched, and the Joseph of Arimathea figure from a composite
of older style Jewish attire that I researched online. The
Mary Magdalene figue in blue, on the left was basically from
a cement graveyard sculpture, as was the face of the woman
(Salome) in brown. The figure of Mary, mother of Jesus, right,
I based on an internet facial photo of a Syrian mourner, as
was the figure of the apostle James in the middle.

Quebec 1667

Quebec 1667 - This 24"x 36" painting is one I finished in July
2020, and while I don't think it turned out as well as I had
hoped, it has special meaning to me. It represents a ship that
has arrived at the capital of New France, Quebec City, in the
year 1667, which is the year that my direct ancestor Jacques
Marcotte arrived in Canada from Normandy, France. I realize
that i have taken a few liberties in this depiction. The
ship, meant to be the "St. Philippe," was a Royal Ship of the
Line, whereas colonists more likely arrived on merchant
frigates or even large fishing vessels such as a ketch.
Likewise, the Porte St.Louis (St. Louis Gate), although
already present in 1667, would likely not be as visible from
such a distance or angle. The "Habitation," fort-like structure
near the lower left of the painting, which was built much
earlier might not have endured as long as 1667. I have tried
to include some if not most of the buildings known to have
been completed at this date, and used ships and fishing
vessels of the type known to have been used on the St.
Lawrence River in this period. I was trying to envision the
scene that presented itself to an excited, small number of
colonists (almost all male at early point in time) arriving in
Quebec to start a new life.

Edinburgh Sunset

Edinburgh Sunset - This 16" x 20" painting is one I finished
in early April 2020. It is a street scene patterned after a
photo that I tool on the Royal Mile, in 2016.

Paris view from roof of Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris from Notre Dame - This is a 16"x24" painting (sized to
squeeze in both the gargoyle at the left and the Seine on
the right), which originates from a 1985 photo that I took
from the roof of Notre Dame. The photo was almost grayscale
due to it being a heavily-overcast day. For this oil
painting, I used a technique called matte painting, which is
primarily used by professional artists, as well the film
industry, where fantastic backgrounds with fictional castles,
dragons, two Saturn-like moons, etc. are painted into an
actual photograph. I began by having my grayscale photo
printed on stretched canvas, then painstakingly painted over
every tiny building and every square inch of canvas, mostly
using approriate colors from other photos and from the
internet, but using my imagination for the sky, instead of
the actual overycast gray clouds. So far, it is the only
matte painting I have attemped, but I am pleased with the
way it turned out, and therefore may try a few more.
The matte technique allows for precise scale, placement,
realistic shadowing and perspective. No part of the photo
peeks through; this is all oil paint.
I finished this one in August 2020.

Taiya Inlet Orca

Taiya Inlet Orca - This small 8"x10" painting is one I did
in September 2020. I did see two Orca surface brifefy next to
our cruise ship in the Taiya Inlet, down from Skagway, Alaska.
The mountains are part of the Alaska Range.

Klingentor Gate and tower in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Klingentor Gate - This is a small 9"x12" painting I did in 2020 of
the Klingentor Gate and tower on the Klingengasse street in
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, mostly from a 1978 photo
taken by my sister Michelene of me crossing this street.

Bison Loop Scout painting

Bison Loop Scouts- This is a 16"x20" painting I finished in
November 2020. of three mounted Native American scouts on a
ridge in Oklahoma. I did the painting using a photo I took on
the Bison Loop trail in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

Alcazar 2017

Alcázar and Puente Alcántara, 2017- This is a 16"x20" painting
I finished in December 2020, as a Christmss gift for my son, David.
He had suggested that I paint a scene from Toledo, Spain, which he had
visited several times while studying at the University of Acalá
de Henares, near Madrid, 2017. I used some of my own photos from
a brief visit I made in 2018, as well as some oh his from 2017,
as well as a few inetrnet photos for detail of this view across
the old Roman empire's Puente Alcántara (also known as Trajan's
bridge), over the Tagus River, looking up at the current Alcázar fortress.
I took a few liberties with the buildings around the fortress, and
inserted my son as three of the figures on the bridge.

Alcazar ca 1550

Alcázar and Puente Alcántara, circa 1550- This is a 16"x20" painting
I finished in January 2020, as a companion piece fot the other Alcázar
painting that I did for my son. Per a 16th century map of Toledo, which
contained a drawing of Alcázar, the fortress looked very different
when it was completed in 1530. The dark, stormy sky is a nod to El Greco
who lived in Toledo during the 16th century, and who did a more abstarct
painting with a very dark stormy sky, and the fortress from a different view,
deeper in his painting's background.

Acadia National Park #3

Acadia National Park, Maine. (#3) This is a 24"x36" painting
I finished in April 2021 from photos that I took on my 2015 trip to
Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. I wanted to try to depict the
fog shrouding the more distant shoreline, and more of the
natural beauty of the oceanside trails in Acadia National Park.

I have done several other oil paintings, but those above show
what I prefer to paint, from Nature, and city scenes, rather than portraits
(which I do poorly), or modern art.

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