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lphabetical Names Index for Ancient Genealogy Charts

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Names without a known surname are listed first, then by Surname, Firstname.
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The lineages included in this separate index extend from the ancient kingdoms of Egypt, Hyrcania, Macedonia, Armenia, Iberia, Persia, and elsewhere. These genealogies merge with later day Western genealogies at the point of Makir Theodoric Aymeri, a Judiarch of Narbonne who married Alda - a daughter of Charles Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne). Although these lineages were taken directly from such sources as Encarta, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Classical Studies websites of various universities and scholars, I make no claims as to the accuracy and completeness of such ancient genealogies. The sheer antiquity of such lines makes it impossible to provide the same levels of doucumetation and verification as was used in the construction of my Marcotte Genealogy. No comparison of the reliability of the two would be fair, so please accept these ancient genealogies in the spirit that they are intended and not as a indication of the reliablity of the names contained in the separate Marcotte Genealogy Index
. I created the charts for these names primarily to provide myself a quick on-line (and one-stop) reference for comprehending the various familial relationships in ancient empires and dynasties mentioned in literature, articles and other web sites.

, Aeropus
, Aesopia the Perdiccid
, Ahhotep I m. Sekenenre Tao II
, Ahhotep II m. Amenhotep I
, Ahmose (Aahmes) m. Thutmose I
, Ahmose I (Amasis I) m. Nefretiri
, Alda (Aude) m. AYMERI, Makir Thoedoric .....X11
, Amenhotep I m. Ahhotep II
, Amenhotep I m. Sersenes
, Andromachus
, Andia m. PERSIA, Artaxeres I of
, Antigonus I "Mnonopthalmus" (the Cyclops) m. Stratonice
, Apame
, Archaeus I m. Laodice
, Archias
, Ariobarzanes Cios
, Ariobarzanes Pontus
, Arrhina m. Mithradates I Cios
, Arridaeus
, Atossa , daughter of Artaxeres II
, Atossa m. PERSIA, Darius I of
, Baktwernel m. EGYPT, Ramses IX, Pharaoh of
, Barsine (Stateira) m. MACEDONIA, Alexander III "the Great" King of
, Caranus (Karanos, Coranus) m. Lanice
, Cassander
, Cassandra m. ANSHAM, Cyrus I
, Cleonice m. Tyrimmas
, Cleopatra m. MACEDONIA, Perdiccas I of
, Coenus (Koinos)
, Corrhagus
, Deioces
, Derdas
, Derdas (II)
, Derdas (III)
, Eurydice II
, Gavganis
, Harpolis
, Hatshepsut m. Senmut
, Hatshepsut m. Thutmose II
, Hydarnes
, Iollas
, Iollas II (of Macedonia)
, Istnofret m. EGYPT, Ramses II, Pharaoh of
, Karamat m. EGYPT, Shoshenk I of
, Kosmartydene m. PERSIA, Artaxeres I of
, Laodice m. Archaeus I
, Laodice III Pontus m. SYRIA, Antiochus III "Megas" King of
, Lanice m. Caranus (Karanos, Coranus)
, Lyrus
, Maat Ka Re m. EGYPT, Osorkon I of
, Machatas
, Machatas (II)
, Mithradates I Cios m. Arrhina
, Mithradates I Pontus
, Mithradates II Pontus m. SYRIA, Laodice of
, Mithradates III Pontus
, Mithradates V Euergetes Pontus
, Mithradates VI Eupator Dionysus Pontus
, Moutnofrit m. Thutmose I
, Nefretiri m. Ahmose I (Amasis I)
, Nefertiti m. EGYPT, Ahkenaten, Pharaoh of
, Nofrure
, Nicanor
, Niconoe m. MACEDONIA, Philip I of
, Orontobades Cios
, Osorkon, Great Chief of Ma
, Ostanes
, Otanes
, Oxathres
, Parysatis m. PERSIA, Darius II of
, Pausanias
, Pausanias (II)
, Pharaces I Pontus
, Pharasmenes I
, Pharnabazuz I (Bartam)
, Philinna Lariss m. MACEDONIA, Phillip II of
, Phraortes
, Pleistarchus
, Prothoe m. MACEDONIA, Argaeus I of
, Rhodogune m. ANSHAM, Hytaspes
, Roxane m. MACEDONIA, Alexander III "the Great" King of
, Sekenenre Tao II m. Ahhotep I
, Senakhtenra Tao I m. Tetishiri
, Senmut m. Hatshepsut
, Sersenes m. Amenhotep I
, Sirrhus
, Sisygambis m. PERSIA, Arsames of
, Smedes m. EGYPT, Tenamum, princess of
, Statira m. PERSIA, Artaxeres II of
, Stratonice m. Antigonus I "Mnonopthalmus" (the Cyclops)
, Tasedkhonsu m. EGYPT, Osorkon II, Pharaoh of
, Tetishiri m. Senakhtenra Tao I
, Thutmose I m. Ahmose (Aahmes)
, Thutmose I m. Moutnofrit
, Thutmose II m. Hatshepsut
, Tio m. EGYPT, Amenhotep II, Pharaoh of
, Tiye m. EGYPT, Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of
, Tiye m. EGYPT, Ramses X Pharaoh of
, Tuya m. EGYPT, Seti I, Pharaoh of,
, Tyrimmas m. Cleonice
ANSHAM, Ariaramnes
ANSHAM, Arsames
ANSHAM, Cambyses I m. MEDIA, Mandane
ANSHAM, Cyrus I m. Cassandra
ANSHAM, Hytaspes m. Rhodogune
ANSHAM, Pharnaspes
ANSHAM, Teispes
ARMENIA, Aroandes III King of
ARMENIA, Arsames I, King of
ARMENIA, Artavasdes I (Tigranes II), King of
ARMENIA, Artaxis, King of
ARMENIA, Mithradates I "Ctistes" King of
ARMENIA, Orontes III (Aroandes II) of
ARMENIA, Samos I, King of
ARMENIA, Xerxes I, King of m. SYRIA, Antiochus, princess of
ARMENIA, Tigranes I, King of
AYMERI, Makir Thoedoric m. , Alda (Aude)
BACTRIA, Apame of m. SYRIA, Seleucus I of
BACTRIA (and of Sogdiana), Oxyartes of
BACTRIA, Spitames of
EGYPT, Ahkenaten, Pharaoh of, m. Nefertiti
EGYPT, Amenhotep II, Pharaoh of, m. Tio
EGYPT, Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of, m. Tiye
EGYPT, Amhose (female) of, m. EGYPT, Thutmose I of
EGYPT, Bakenranef Wak Ka Re
EGYPT, Djebastesankh, princess of, m. EGYPT, Shoshenk III
EGYPT, Hatshepsut, Pharaoh (female) of, m. EGYPT, Thutmose I of
EGYPT, Henttawy, princess of
EGYPT, Istemkheb, princess of, m. THEBES, Menkhepere of
EGYPT, Maryetre, princess of, m. EGYPT, Thutmose III, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Necho (I) Meni Kheper Re
EGYPT, Necho (II) Wehem Ib Re
EGYPT, Nekau Bau Irib Re
EGYPT, Osorkon I of, m. Maat Ka Re
EGYPT, Osorkon II, Pharaoh of, m. Tasedkhonsu
EGYPT, Pimay, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Pinudjem I of
EGYPT, Pinudjem II of, m. THEBES, Neskhonsu of
EGYPT, Psamtek I Wahib Re of
EGYPT, Psamtek II Nefer Ib Re of
EGYPT, Psusennes I of
EGYPT, Psibkha'emne I of
EGYPT, Psusennes II of
EGYPT, Ramses I of, m. EGYPT, Sitre, princess of
EGYPT, Ramses II, Pharaoh of, m. Istnofret
EGYPT, Ramses II, Pharaoh of, m. Nefertari (Maetnefrure of Khatti)
EGYPT, Ramses VI, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Ramses IX, Pharaoh of, m. Baktwernel
EGYPT, Ramses X, Pharaoh of, m. Tiye
EGYPT, Ramses XI, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Seti I, Pharaoh of, m. Tuya
EGYPT, Sitre, princess of m. EGYPT, Ramses I of
EGYPT, Shoshenk III m. EGYPT, Djebastesankh of
EGYPT, Takelot I of
EGYPT, Takelot II, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Thutmose I of, m. EGYPT, Hatshepsut, Pharaoh (female) of
EGYPT, Thutmose II, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Thutmose III, Pharaoh of m. EGYPT, Maryetre, princess of
EGYPT, Thutmose IV, Pharaoh of
EGYPT, Wahibre of
EGYPT, Neithyti of, m. PERSIA, Cyrus II of
EGYPT, Tefnakhte Shepses Re
EGYPT, Tenamum, princess of, m. Smedes
ELIMEA, Philip of
EPIRUS, Alcetas I King of
EPIRUS, Neoptolemus I King of
HYRCANIA, Atasyras
HYRCANIA, Orontes I (Aroandes I of Armenia) m. PERSIA, Rhodogune of
IBERIA, Amazaspis I (Arshak), King of
IBERIA, Artaxias I, King of
IBERIA, Mithradates I, King of
IBERIA, Pharasmenes II, King of
KARTHAM, Kondjide
KHATTI, Nefertari (Maetnefrure of Khatti) m. Ramses II
LYDIA, Alyattes
LYDIA, Ardys
LYDIA, Aryenis m. MEDIA, Astages
LYDIA, Gyges
LYDIA, Sadyattes
LYNCESTIS, Eurydice of, m. MACEDONIA, Amyntas III of
MACEDONIA, Aeropus I of
MACEDONIA, Alcetas I of
MACEDONIA, Alcetas II of
MACEDONIA, Alexander I "the Phihellene" of
MACEDONIA, Alexander II of
MACEDONIA, Alexander III "the Great" King of, m. , Barsine (Stateira)
MACEDONIA, Alexander III "the Great" King of, m. , Roxane
MACEDONIA, Alexander IV of
MACEDONIA, Amyntas I of
MACEDONIA, Amyntas II of
MACEDONIA, Amyntas III of, m. LYNCESTIS, Eurydice of
MACEDONIA, Antigonus II of, m. SYRIA, Phila of
MACEDONIA, Antipater I of
MACEDONIA, Archelas I of
MACEDONIA, Argaeus I of m. Prothoe
MACEDONIA, Arrhidaeus I of
MACEDONIA, Arrhidaeus II = "Phillip III" King of
MACEDONIA, Bocras of
MACEDONIA, Demetrius I "Poliorcetes" of, m. MACEDONIA, Phila of
MACEDONIA, Demetrius II of, m. MACEDONIA, Stratonice of
MACEDONIA, Heracles of
MACEDONIA, Menelaus of
MACEDONIA, Nicaea of, m. ORESTIS, Perdiccas of
MACEDONIA, Perdiccas I of m. Cleopatra
MACEDONIA, Perdiccas II of
MACEDONIA, Perdiccas III of
MACEDONIA, Phila of, m. MACEDONIA, Demetrius I "Poliorcetes" of
MACEDONIA, Philip (King Philip I) of
MACEDONIA, Phillip II of, m. , Olympias
MACEDONIA, Phillip II of, m. , Philinna Lariss
MACEDONIA, Philip I of, m. Niconoe
MACEDONIA, Stratonice of
MACEDONIA, Stratonice (II) of, m. SYRIA, Antiochus I Soter, King of
MACEDONIA, Stratonice (III) of, m. MACEDONIA, Demetrius II of
MEDIA, Astages m. LYDIA, Aryenis
MEDIA, Mandane m. ANSHAM, Cambyses I
ORESTIS, Perdiccas of, m. MACEDONIA, Nicaea of
PERSIA, Amestris of, m. PERSIA, Xerxes I of
PERSIA, Arsames of, m. Sisygambis
PERSIA, Artaxeres I of, m. Andia
PERSIA, Artaxeres I of, m. Kosmartydene
PERSIA, Artaxeres II of, m. Statira
PERSIA, Cyrus II of m. EGYPT, Neithyti of
PERSIA, Darius I of m. Atossa
PERSIA, Darius II of m. Parysatis
PERSIA, Rhodogune of, m. HYRCANIA, Orontes I (Aroandes I of Armenia)
PERSIA, Xerxes I of, m. PERSIA, Amestris of
SOPHENE, Zariadres, King of
SYRIA, Antiochus, princess of m. ARMENIA, Xerxes I, King of
SYRIA, Antiochus I Soter, King of , m. MACEDONIA, Stratonice (II) of
SYRIA, Antiochus II "Theos" King of, m. Laodice
SYRIA, Antiochus III "Megas" King of, m. Laodice III Pontus
SYRIA, Laodice of, m. Mithradates II Pontus
SYRIA, Laodice II of, m. SYRIA, Seleucus II "Kallinikos" King of
SYRIA, Phila of, m. MACEDONIA, Antigonus II of
SYRIA, Seleucus I of m. BACTRIA, Apame of
SYRIA, Seleucus II "Kallinikos", King of m. SYRIA, Laodice II of
TANIS, Smendes, Governor of
THEBES, Menkhepere of, m. EGYPT, Istemkheb, princess of
THEBES, Neskhonsu of, m. EGYPT, Pinudjem II of

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