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Pre-marriage travel


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Kit's Travels

Marissa's Travels

Kit and Marissa, at the Grand Canyon, 2011
Three Generations at Paris Gargoyles
Kit, Michael,Robin and Marissa,in Florence, Italy, 2010
Michael, in Santorini,Greece, 2010
Marissa with the Venus de Milo at the Louvre, in Paris, 2010
Marissa at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, 2010
Kit at the Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris, 2010
Marissa at Notre Dame in Paris, 2010
Dressed up
Kit,waiting for a chess match to begin
Fall 2007 football
Cooling off
The Kids, 2007
Orlando 2007
On to Middle School
Celebration after our son's citywide Chess Tournament Win
End of the Rainbow
Wrestling 2006
Dance Recital 2006

Our son during 2005 Soccer
Our daughter during 2005 T-Ball
2005 pics of our son
the kids in the backyard, summer 2005
Pumpkin Patch 2004
First Day of School - August 2004
Soccer Season 2004
All-American DL Tommie Harris with our son
Magic Kingdom, October 2003
Our son playing soccer
3 generations
SixFlags, Spring Break 2003
January 2003, 4-year-old OU cheerleader. 2002
Contemplative Mood
The Kids. November, 2002
"Ode to a Yellow Flower", Cozumel, October, 2002
The kids...first day of school...August 2002
Our son, quite pleased with his Lego creation, July 2002
It's a lot of work being a princess
Midieval Times visit
Yankee Outfielder
photo of our son.

A little bit coy
Pool Party - Cozumel 2000

Daughter on the Beach - 2000
Halloween - 2001

Older baby photos of my daughter
Pretty in Pink
Sittin' Pretty


My Favorite Photo of My Son
Me at Machu Picchu
Me at a Masai village in Kenya
The dogs
Me at Mayan ruins in Belize, C.A.
Me at Ruinas de Rey, Yucatan
Me at Tulum ruins
On the Amazon River
1993 Amazon Basin Group Study Exchange Team
Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
On the beach with my son at sunset in Cozumel
Robin and I on safari in Kenya
1995 2nd Dan testing in Jackson Michigan with Tae Park, et al
My son (1-1/2) jogging on the beach in St.Thomas
I'm the one on the left...
Inside a Masai Hut in Kenya
Me with a dolphin in Honduras
Moorish Idols, Moorea, Tahiti
Daughter at 5mo. with my son
Baby Photos of Kit


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