Presidential Genealogies

This page is more about proving a point, i.e. - demonstrating the odds of being related, than about highlighting any remote relationship to any of these individuals. The degree of kinship of any of the Presidents to any of my own lines is very miniscule, given the preponderance of English blood in the genealogies of most of the U.S. Presidents, juxtaposed against the pre-ponderance of French-Canadian blood in my own.

Candidacy for the Presidency of the United States immediately brings the family releationships and roots of an individual under intense scrutiny by dozens, if not hundreds of professional researchers, journalists and hobbyists. For this reason, plus the fact that descendants of the Presidents are more obviously documented through sucessive generations, there are very hefty genealogies easiliy available on almost all of the American Chief Executives. Over half of the Presidents sport lineages, therefore, which have been traced far back into the middle ages and includes Kings of various European countries. This make it fairly easy for anyone with a lineage that include one of those same royals to trace a shared bloodline to one or more of the Presidents. As noted elsewhere in my pages, almost anyone with a lineage traced far enough can be shown to be related to anyone else with a halfway similar ethnic origin. The presidential genealogies are excellent proof of this. So far, I've only included roughly 30 presidential lineages here, but you will quickly obeserve how all eventually merge to one or more common ancestors, usually around King Edward III of England (born 1312) or a few generations earlier at Raymond Berenger V de Provence, Henry I or Henry II of England. Per Tim Dowlings's genealogy pages all 44 U.S. presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama has a common ancestor in King John "Lackland" Platagenet, of England. King John is also a common ancestor of both myself and my wife (view here).

The names on these Presidential Genealogies pages are not included in my Alphabetical Index of Names, because the degree of blood relation is so miniscule that it really doesn't warrant the time necessary to add them to the index. Almost all of the content on these presidential lines have been derived from Hans A. M. Weebers' extensive Presidential Genealogies site, and/or Brian Tompsett's U.S. Presidential Genealogy database, and therfore include any errors that might possibly exist in those databases. I have not personally verified the accuracy of this data, nor would I even entertain the idea of doing so; given the general lack of relevance to my own Marcotte genealogy interests. These lineages are presented on my pages for the purposes of illustration of the extent of inter-related genealogies, and for their general entertainment value, not for factual documentation or for historical prosperity. I hope you enjoy them.

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