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Where is the second son named Michel Marcot from the Dictionary of the Marcotte Families?

(The following is commentary by Yves Marcotte from the Marcotte Genforum, which concludes that there was only one son named Michel. You must read the entire narrative to reach the same conclusion, but ultimately the marriage witnesses for Michel at his wedding to M-Josephte Heroux, and the 2nd marriage contract (to Therese Dufeau) reference to Michel as both the widower of Marie Joseph Éroux (i.e Héroux), and as the son of Michel Marcotte and Francoise Gignac force the same conclusion that there was not a second son, and that the marriage to a Marguerite Aide-Créquy was, by all appearances, a clerical lapse on the part of the notary Chefdeville.)

"This Michel Marcot does not exist.

I’ve been questionning for many years about two Michel Marcot potentially both sons of Jacques Marcot and Elisabeth Sallé . Father Jean Marcotte in his Dictionnary of the Marcotte families has placed in position 12 of their children a son Michel, born 1689 (?) maried to Marguerite Aide-Créquy, this couple having two children . He also placed in position 16, another son, Michel, born 1692 (?), married to
1°) Françoise Gignac Cap Santé, Nov. 12-1720, the couple having 3 daughters and a son Michel (m. Thérèse Dussault-Lamarche, 1722, Y.) and 2°) Marie-Louise Richard (Cap-Santé, August 2, 1728), this couple having 8 children.Father John mentions two children to Michel Marcot and Marguerite Aide-Crequi :
1- Louise, m. Pierre Jetté (Montréal, 01-08-1768)
2- Michel, m. Marie Josephte Héroux (Yamachiche 16-02-1756)

Cyprien Tanguay mentionned also two children :
1- Michel, maried to Marie Josephte Héroux
2- Marguerite, b. 1728, sep. 23-07-1756 in Yamachiche

In Marie-Louise case, PRDH post her at her marriage as daughter of Michel Marcot and Marie-Louise Richard. At her burial in Montréal Dec., 12-1770, she is said 30 years old. In fact she was born in Cap-Santé Feb., 2, 1737.

Neither Tanguay nor Father John mentionned that Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac have a son born in Cap-Santé Fev., 2, 1723, baptised François. Their 3 daughters are : Marie-Françoise, b. C.S. Sept., 23, 1721 (m. Antoine Blais, Yamachiche, Jan., 3, 1763), Marguerite, b. C.S. Jan 25, 1725 (m. Ignace Langlois, C.S., May 15-1752) and Madeleine, b. C.S. Dec. 27, 1726.

Father John mentionned a son Michel m. to Thérèse Dussault-Lamarche.

What if this son baptised François becomes Michel later?

In a sharing before Pollet, public notary, Fev. 12, 1750, regarding the inheritage of late Michel Marcot, and also before Pollet on May 23-1750 in a sale of claims regarding property of the same late Michel Marcot in the Barony of Cap-Santé (Portneuf), the four children are : Marie Françoise, Michel, Marguerite and Madeleine Marcot.

In fact when Michel Marcot married Marie Josephte Héroux in Yamachiche Fev 16-1756, in the register, at the location of parents name, there has been left a blank space that was filled out later by « Chefdeville » priest, actually renowned for the latitude he took when writing acts in the registers. Sometime after the original act, he wrote son of Michel Marcot and Marguerite Criki.

The same year 1756, at the burial of Marguerite Marcot, 28 years old, also registered daughter of Michel Marcot and Marguerite Criki, the same « Chefdeville » mentioned her husband « Michel » Langlois (could it be Ignace ?). This would bring her birth to 1728 ±. Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac had a daughter baptised Marguerite, born in Cap-Santé Jan 25-1725, sister of Michel.

It initiated a doubt in my mind. If Chefdeville didn’t know the name of the mother of Michel and Marguerite Marcotte (children of Michel Marcot & Françoise Gignac), or had a bad input, it could explain the name of Marguerite Cricki. In the Provine of Québec, there is a family of Aide-Créquy. But by noway (especially PRDH), we could not find this Marguerite living at that period.

In Pointe-du-Lac (near Three Rivers), there is the marriage on Feb. 10,1772 of Michel Marcot son of Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac with Thérèse Dufeau daughter of François and Jeanne Robert.

This Michel is in Father John dictionnary son of Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac. He is said to be married to Thérèse Dussault-Lamarche, which is an error (the Dufault family is also called Lamarche).

Could Michel be their son baptised François?

Then the turning point came from a contract of marriage before Benoit Leroy, public notary in Three Rivers, dated Fev. 06, 1772. « was present Michel Marcot widow of late Marie Joseph Éroux/Bougainville, son of late Michel Marcot and late Françoise Gignac ».

When he 1° m. Marie-Josephte Héroux, Michel Marcot also passed a contract of marriage in the parish of Ste-Anne de Machiche (Yamachiche) before guess who, « Chefdeville », priest and curate, Fev. 15, 1756, the day before his marriage. This contract will be deposited in Pillard (public notary) minutes March 05-1756. In this contract there is no mention of Michel Marcot parents. Among witnesses, there are : Ignace Langlois (who is spouse of Marguerite Marcot, Michel sister) and Antoine Blaye (who is spouse of Françoise Marcot, another Michel sister). The day after, in the marriage act, among witnesses there is Michel Langlois (maybe Ignace ???). On both acts another witness is Jean Marcot his brother. We could explain that by Jean-François his step-brother, son of Michel Marcot and Marie-Louise Richard

Anyway, from Benoit Leroy contract, Michel Marcot who married first Marie-Josephte Héroux Feb 16, 1756 is the same who married Thérèse Dufeau in Pointe-du-Lac Fev. 10, 1772. He is the son of Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac.

We could also say that there is no Michel Marcot son of Michel Marcot and Marguerite Cricki, and that Marguerite Marcot who died at the age of 28 was his sister. More than that, there is no proof of the existence of this Marguerite Cricki or Criquy or Créquy (PRDH or any source).

After the death of Marie-Josephte Héroux and before his second marriage with Thérèse Dufeau, Benoit Leroy, public notary, draw up an inventory of the goods of their community. Feb 05, 1772, Michel Marcot declare to be tutor of five minors : Marie Joseph, Michel, Angélique, Louise & Brigitte.

Michel Marcot died in Yamachiche Mach 06,1789 aged of 69. This bring back his birth ± 1720, period of marriage of Michel Marcot and Françoise Gignac (Nov.12,1720).

Michel Marcot, the father, married to 1° Françoise Gignac and 2° Marie Louise Richard, died in Cap-Santé August 16-1744, aged of 52 years. His birth is around 1692, and he his the son of Jacques Marcot and Elisabeth Sallé.

So in the list of the children of Jacques Marcot and Elisabeth Sallé, there should be only one Michel Marcotte, born around 1692, listed no 16 in Father John Dictionnary and the one in position 12 must be eliminated.

In Father John's Dictionnary, page 232, in the list of children of Michel & Françoise Gignac, their son Michel shoul be said m. to 1° Marie Josephte Héroux, 16-02-1756 Yamachiche and 2° to Thérèse Dufeau-Lamarche, 10-02-1772, Pointe-du-Lac."

-Yves Marcotte

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