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Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Beauregard was a Lousianan born in Saint Bernard Parish on May 28, 1818. He graduated second in his West Point class of 1838, and served in the Mexican War as an engineer, where he received two brevets for gallantry. Just days after his assignment to the Military Academy as Superintendent, in January 1861, he was relived in all likelihood due to his Southern sympathies. By February of that same year he had resigned his commission in the United States Army, and was made a Brigadier General in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States of America on March 1, 1861. He took command of the defenses at Charleston, and forced the surrender of Union forces at Fort Sumter. After the surrender of Sumter, General Beauregard took charge of preparing the defense near the Manassas junction. For his actions at the First Battle of Manassas he was commissioned as a full general in the regular army. In 1862, Beauregard was transferred to the Western theatre of operations. He took command of the Army of Tennessee after General Albert Sidney Johnston's death. Later he would command the defenses of South Carolina and Georgia. In 1864, he would assist Robert E. Lee in defending Richmond against Grant. After the war, he returned to New Orleans. He died on February 20, 1893 and is buried in Metairie, Louisiana.
Source: "Generals in Gray" Warner, Ezra J.

To my knowledge, General Beauregard is not an ancestor of any of the Marcottes contained in these genealogy pages, although that would be a distinct possibility through marriages for some of the Marcottes of Louisiana. General Beauregard does, however, share a bloodline with many Marcottes through our common ancestor, Christophe (born 1611) and Jeanne Crevier, of Rouen, France.

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