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The photos above and below were unidentified tintypes among the
effects of my grandmother, Lena (Moisant) Marcotte. Although to the naked
eye, there were no discernible inscriptions, when I scanned the tintype and
adjusted the brightness and contrast, the handwriting became visible.
"Grandma Moisant" and "single" refer to Lena's grandmother Alexine (Leblanc)
Moisant. An arrow points to the younger woman in the photo. A comparison of
birthdates and other family photos reveals that the young man in the photo is Alexine's
brother, Alfred "Fred" Leblanc. The seated woman is Marie-Josephine Hebert,
and the seated man is Julien Leblanc. I spent a lot of time trying to
enhance the circular white object to see if it was just a defect on the
tintype or a purse, basket, or whatever. I can't be certain, but on close
examination under a magnifying glass, it appears that the top edge of the white
bundle shows the edge of a small bonnet, and a baby's face. If so, that would
be Robbie Leblanc, who was born 19 years later than Alexine.

The photo below was a companion photo the the one above, same size, shape, etc.
Comparisons with other family photos reveal that these are Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Leblanc, and Exelora "Laura" Leblanc. If the photos were made as presumed,
in 1885, Lizzie would have been age 16 or 17, and Laura would have been 17 or 18.
Alexine would have been about age 19 in the above photo.



Kankakee County Adminsitration Building

189 East Court Street

Kankakee, IL 60901

1763-1900 Marriage Registry

Groom: Julius White

Bride: Marie Ebert

Date of Marriage: 4/24/1865

Volume 00B

Ltc 00001228



12th Regimental Cavalry of Illinois 12th Illinois Cav - Civil War Roster (select 12th Illinois Cav from Unit dropdown menu)

White, Julius E Company, 12 CAV mustered from: Bourbonnais

The 12th cavalry was present at the battles of Harper's Ferry, Antietam, Hagerstown and Gettyburg. The 12th Cavalry suffered 234 casualties during the war, 192 of which were from disease.

E Company was organized at Springfield, Illinois, and mustered February 24, 1862. Their first assignment was guarding Confederate prisoners at Camp Butler, Illinois. They were sent to West Virginia on June 20, 1862, and a long series of reassignments followed. This Julius White (anglicized name of Julien LeBlanc) is not the same as Colonel. (later General) Julius White, of Chicago, assigned to the HQ 37th Infantry.



1880 Census Records

Cloud County, Kansas

Nelson Township

Entry # 69

Julius White age 44 born: Canada

Mary White age 34 born Canada


Alice, age 14    (Alexine)

Elizabeth, age 10

Fredie, age 8  

Note: "Alice" = Alexine, who later resumed use of her given French name: Alexine LeBlanc.


Parents of Julien LeBlanc

In October 2015, I visted Nashua, New Hampshire, and was able to ascertain that the Pierre Leblanc noted as Julien's brother was in fact the same as the one recorded as a son of an elder Julien Leblanc and his wife, Genevieve Kemeneur dit Laflamme. However, I still had been unable to discover in which city their son Julien was born. Because of the above-mentioned information related to the photo of Julien brother Pierre living in Nashua, NH, and Tom White's iformation about that Julien's son also named Julien being married in Illinois, there was strong evidence to conclude that our Julien's father was this Julien Leblanc, Sr., and that Julien's mother was Genevieve Kemineur dit Laflamme, but I had found no baptism record to firmly substantiate this.

Then, in Novemeber 2015, Olivette Collins, also a decsendant of the elder Julien Leblanc, corresponded with me, and was able to provide information about Julien's (the son) birthplace in L'Acadie, Quebec. Julien was baptized there at Sainte-Marguerite de Blairfindie, on 16 Aug 1835, and the parents listed were, as expected, Julien and Genevieve. Julien birthdate was also given as 15 August, matching our family's information.

Additional information:

This Julien Leblanc, Sr. was also the second cousin of our Jean-Baptiste Hébert (Sophie Richard's husband). Julien, Sr. and Jean Baptiste Hebert were both the great grandsons of Pierre Gamache and Marie-Genevieve Belanger. Julien through Pierre's son Aubin, and Jean Baptiste through Pierre's son Lazare. Julien Leblanc Jr. and Marie-Josephine Hebert would have been 3rd cousins. Sophie's mother, Cecile Quemeneur dit LAFLAMME was the great granddaughter of François Quemeneur and Marie-Madeleine Chamberlain. Marie Genevieve Kemineur dit LAFLAMME was the great, great, great grandaughter of Francois and Marie-Madeleine...i.e., Cecile and Marie-Genevieve were second cousins, twice-removed. Sophie Richard was also a descendant of the aforementioned Pierre Gamache's sister Elisabeth Gamache, who married Sophie's great grandfather, Pierre Richard.

According to family records, Julien was born 15 Aug 1836 in Canada, and died 28 August 1904 , in Aurora, Kansas, but the birthyear was estimated from his age on censuses. His baptism record indicates 1835.