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A few photos of my parents and siblings as we were growing up.


More photos

Chubby Michael with big sis Michelene


At the Lincoln Monument, circa 1959

At Niagara Falls, circa 1959

Another photo, Niagara Falls, circa 1959

A side trip to the Smokies near Roanoke, Virgina, 1959

Rock Hounds

On the porch at 17th Street

Tea Party

Rick, Ren�e, Mom and her parents.

Camping Trip

At 17th Street house

Disneyland Trip

Fishing trophies

A Ft. Cobb ski trip

Sherri, Ren�e, Janine and Rick at Ft. Cobb Resevoir

Grand Canyon Trip

the whole family, circa 1962

Grandma (Lena Moisant Marcotte) with Janine

Wagon ride

Sherri, Michelene, Mom, Janine, Michael - 1957

Straw Hats

17th Street Swingset

Helping Grandpa Baggett

Janine surfs at Gulf Shores

Mom and Dad at Lake Annecy in 1969

Marcotte and Allen cousins in Michigan

Michelene pulls litle sis

The Purcell Pulley ride

Renee and Rick with Grandpa's dog Chubby

Young Renee and Rick in "Church clothes"

Family vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park

Michael, Janine, Michelene, (circa 1956)

Michael, Michelene, Janine, Sherri & the Davidson cousins (circa 1957-58 in Roosevelt, OK)

Michelene at the Baggett farm in Roosevelt, OK, 1967

Left to Right: Grandpa M. Clarence Baggett, Rick, Renee, Janine, Sherri
and Michael (in high water jeans!) at the Baggett farm south of Roosevelt

Michelene and Michael, at St. Patrick's Church on First Communion Day

More old family photos (uploaded to SmugMug page)

Photos from Hobart and Roosevelt, Oklahoma,
at and near where Baggett grandparents lived.


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