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De sable, à trois billette d'or, rangées en face, Écartel: au 1 gueules chargé d'un lion passant d'argent, au 2 d'argent à un fleur-de-lis d’or, au 3 d'azure à un à fleur-de-lis d’argent accompagnée de quatres mullets d’argent, et au 4 d'argent à un créquier-marcotte de gueules. 


blazon of Michael Marcotte


The silver lion-leopard passant on a red field is a common device used in most other Marcotte arms and represents the Marcotte family’s Norman roots.

The upper right gold fleur-de-lis represents the Marcotte roots in feudal France.

The lower left fleur-de-lis represents our Marcotte roots in Québec with the surrounding four stars representing the migration of that family to the every corner of the United States.

The lower right créquier-marcotte represent the etymological association of the family name with the agronomical term ‘marcotte’ and the migratory, offshoot nature of the family’s spread across N. America, as well as having a heraldric association with the Picardie and Pas-de-Calais regions of France where several Marcotte branches originated.

The black and gold bars across the center tie back to the symbolism of the traditional arms of the ancestral Marcotte familes of Artois, Samette, etc.

The red, white and blue of France and of  the United States are represented, as are the red and white of Canada, blue and white of Québec and the red, yellow, and black of Belgium (for the presumed, pre-Norman, Flemish origins of the family. Arthus Marcotte is said to have come to Fécamp with his father from the Picardie or Pas-de-Calais region, and there are Marcotte families still in those region whose genealogies reach back to at least the year 1400 - about 100 years prior to the Marcotte family of Fécamp).

These arms were registered by Michael Leonard Marcotte (at AssumeArms.com) with the intent that any person with the surname Marcotte may freely use it as a reflection of our common ancestry.

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