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2003 Marcotte/Moisant Reunion Powerpoint slideshow

Click on the picture below to load slideshow.
This is a 5 Megabyte file and the takes about 30 seconds to load accross cable modems, the first time...
(longer via 56k dial-up modems). If you wish to save the presentation to your computer,
click the mouse arrow/pointer on "File" in the Browser menu bar above, then click again on "Save".

The music files used at the reunion are streamed here from YouTube or KOHit.net
(i.e. - I do not have the actual music itself residing on my site,
so I would be unable to send you a file of this music,
even if copyright laws did not make doing so illegal. -MM)
Click the approriate button to play
The music used was:


Marc Cohn - The Things We've Handed Down
Found at The Things We've Handed Down on KOhit.net

2. "To Where You Are"by Josh Groban To Where You Are (Josh Groban)

3. "Berceuse" (Chopin, instrumental)

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