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he genealogy charts at this website were prepared using only the Windows Paintbrush utility and HTML programmimg language. No third-party genealogy software such as FamilyTreeMaker or others were involved. On charts that show colored lines, the only significance of the different colors used is (for clarity) to help the viewer follow a line that may be very near to, or that crosses another line. While my home-grown method of presentation makes it much easier for me (and hopefully you) to view and understand - at a glance - the familial relationships among the thousands of individuals charted at this website, the downside is that the content is not exportable to Gedcom files or other database formats.

If the text and images on my web site are particulary difficult to read, then you may wish to adjust the icon\font setting of your computer's desktop. I have found that the text and graphics are generally higher quality with the normal size desktop icons and text settings applied, than with the " Large Size" setting applied. Even those these settings are meant primarily for your desktop's appearance, you may find that they greatly affect the quality of you web viewing experience as well, not just with my site but others, as well. Also, Internet Explore version 7 includes a browser zoom feature, which is located in the lower right corner of the browser window, and is represented by a magnifying glass with a plus symbol, and "100%" and a small down arrow appearing next to it. By clicking anywhere on that magnifying glass, % or down arrow, you can increase the size of the images and text appearing on your computer, effectively allowing you to zoom-in on my charts.

Information is presented with parents to the left and their children along a line leading to the right, which opens up upon a bracket when more than one child is listed.

The primary focus of this site is to display the genealogy of the Marcotte families closest to my own, as well as the spouse ancestries that are a part of my own direct lineages. I am, however, slowly adding other more distantly-related Marcotte lines, as time allows.

Most of the individuals listed on the "Famous Cousins" pages are only distantly related through the maternal Moisant, Lambert, LeBlanc, German, Gagnon or other lines of one of my direct Marcotte ancestors, but others such as former Canadian Prime Ministers Chretien and St. Laurent, pop stars Madonna and Linda Lemay, actress Anna Paquin, and Iwo Jima hero Rene Gagnon are direct descendants of Charles Marcotte of Fecamp, Normandy. Some of the celebrities, who are only like 9th cousins, are presented for entertainment sake, not because anyone in my family tree really thinks of them in the normal sense of "cousin."

Likewise, if you follow certain branches of the family which married my Marcotte ancestors (such as the Lambert line) back sufficiently far, you will begin to encounter lineages of very minor nobility. Since minor nobility is often distantly descended from higher nobility, and it is possible to continue tracing such lines even to Charlemagne. Again...such lineages are provided for the sake of novelty, and nothing more. Professional genealogists and DNA researchers estimate that a majority of living persons in the Western hemisphere - sometime cited as high as 80% could equally claim such descent (from Charlemagne or other royal lines). Virtually all such genealogies eventually fade into the realm of mythology and legend, so it is nearly impossible to know exactly where factual information ends and legend\foklore begins. Nevertheless, I find these "ancient" genealogies useful for comprehending the various familial relationships mentioned in the Bible, in movies, novels, mythology and historical references. My index of names still does not (and perhaps may never) include many of these individuals.

For the most part, the source of Marcotte lineages was taken from the Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Families, prepared by Jean Marcotte, and from the records of Cyprien Tanguay, René Jetté, the Drouin books, and records archived by the Project de Recherche Demographique et Historique at the University of Montreal, but additional information has also been supplied from the family records of several Marcotte descendants, including my parents Leonard and Helen Marcotte, cousins Paul N. Marcotte, Bro. Michael Marcotte O.S.B, Sister Helena Marie Hébert, C.S.J.A : Genealogy of the Hébert Family of Cap S. Ignace, Province of Québec, Canada, Dominique René Thézé of Le Mans, France, and numerous, numerous other relatives - both near and distant. Additional source references for many of the contributed lineages are found on individual pages among the 300+ pages of family trees displayed on-line at this site.

If you find errors in your family line on any of these charts, please e-mail me at mmarcotte@ou.edu or mmarcotte2@cox.net

I have manually constructed these charts consisting of over 22,000 names from hundreds of different sources - some more dependable than others. Also, I occasionally get distracted. It can, at times, be a tedious and rather boring process. Sometimes, I err, even when it involves a family member's name, birth, marriage, death date, or location. This is a long-time hobby for me, not my profession, or my life. I have a wide range of interests. If I've made mistakes in your immediate family tree and haven't yet caught them, please forgive me. Mispelled or misplaced names are not meant to be a sign of disregard for your particular branch of the family, they're only an indication of my attention span. Just let me know. Such errors are easy to fix. Likewise, if - for any reason - you find your name or your children's names but do not wish to have them included on my web pages, please let me know and I will be happy to remove them.

Genealogy and Web 2.0

A few words about qualifications

Which Michael Marcotte am I?

This is not a commercial site. The information is shared for your research and enjoyment. Packaging and sale of the content of this website is expressly forbidden.

- Copyright, Michael Marcotte

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