This is an excellent book by Michael Marcotte. It starts off when Rachel leaves
for Peru to find her lost twin brother Kenny. Having lost her father and childhood
sweetheart, she doesnt want to lose anyone else. She takes a flight and goes to Peru.
There, she meets with Max Arnold, a really corrupt guy, and his trusty acomplice,
Tristan. They are planning to find the fabled city of Patiti where all the Inca gold
is supposed to be hidden. With only a few words of advice from the natives, she embarks
on a journey through the Amazon Jungle which will be one of a kind...if she survives
the turmoil that is! From bushmaster serpents to unearthly creatures, the book is real
treasure for the people who enjoy fantasy. If you people are fans of Clive Cussler, or
even Michael Crichton, then this book is going to be above and beyond your expectations.
You will greatly enjoy it!
Amazon.UK Reviewer: "alco110 from Pakistan"

...If you expect more substance, more believability, and want a more engrossing
storyline, I'd recommend Grisham's "Testament," Marcotte's "Gold in the Shadow,"
Preston's "The Relic," or even Cussler's "Serpent." If you liked
"Subterranean"and enjoy ***(another author)*****'s
overall style, you may like ********** more than I did.
(This 2001 review was placed by a reader from Louisiana, at's reader reader reviews
for a novel with a remarkably parallel plot (the name of of the book is omitted above).
Note, however, the other books to which GOLD IN THE SHADOW is compared. - MM)

"GOLD IN THE SHADOWS is an exciting anthropologic-archeological thriller
that works because of the powerful but divergent cast. The thrilling story line
entertains the audience with its non-stop action. However, the tale clearly belongs
to the characters including the jungle. All the key players are fully developed so
readers understand their motives including the cruel mad Max.
Michael Marcotte shows he is a talented author who
provides fans with a gratifying novel worth reading."
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- Harriet Klausner, BookBrowser
#1 Reviewer at

Blend a little Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone for an idea of
the escapade and excitement to be found in this enthralling adventure novel.
Michael Marcotte has used his knowledge of the people and the jungle area
where he places his adventurers to full advantage in a book that will keep
you glued to the page...Highly incisive and highly recommended.
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- M. J. Hollingshead, Bookdragon Reviews

"Highly recommended...Marcotte brings a fascinating
montage of Indian and Egyptian theory and knowledge
to GOLD IN THE SHADOW, offering a richly varied and
exciting backdrop for this addictive adventure...
The fast paced plot, the depth of characterization and the
unique insights into history provide fascinating entertainment."
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- Cindy Penn, Editor, WordWeaving Reviews
"Top 50" Reviewer at

"...brillantly crafted...GOLD IN THE SHADOW takes the reader on an
unstoppable ride of deception, adventure, history and suspense. It feeds the
senses and depraves the reader of any better judgment as the plot unfolds. A
masterful work of plot driven adventure, that brims with the deep and mystical
studies of Archeology, GOLD IN THE SHADOW by Michael Marcotte oozes with
greatness and screams SCREENPLAY!"
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-Mae Hochstetler, at Writers-Exchange, Sandy Cummins Book Reviews

"In his debut novel, Michael Marcotte proves he is a master
storyteller more credible than Clive Cussler. His authentic
characters and details bring his exciting tale to life."
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-Bonnie Toews, Author of Treason &Triumph

"Rarely does a book capture my attention, make my heart pound
and motivate me to stay up into the dark hours of the morning to
finish reading. Michael Marcotte's first novel, Gold in the Shadow,
did all that and more. I would recommend this story to any lover of
true adventure as one well worth reading."
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-Ariana Overton, Author of the Glass House Trilogy

"Marcotte spins an intriguing tale of ancient myths and legends...
...has researched his subject well."
- Barbara Quigley, The Norman Transcript

"It does appear that Michael Marcotte has a fondness for the element
of danger, a quality which lends excitement and drama to his novel.
Many readers might find it comparable to Indiana Jones, but the author's
own background lends Gold in the Shadow much more credibility
than the Hollywood's version of the former beloved adventure tales.
Even those who do not easily enjoy treasure hunting storylines will find
this to be a highly entertaining and heart thumping read."
- Christie Smith, Write Times Magazine

"In this exciting book, ancient mysteries combine with modern
treachery...This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time...
Marcotte's setting for the story is nothing less than incredible."
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- Alycia Harris, independent review for:
Literary Ladies, Net Sisters, and Dreamers & Thinkers

"This book will wrap you up in its coils and hold you tight in
its grasp, until you have finished the very last page...
I would definitely recommend this book as a keeper."
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- Lisa Hurley, for Midwest Book Review and About Murder e-group

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and found
the premise intriguing. The plot builds nicely."
- Merline Lovelace, best-selling Author of Call of Duty

"Very smoothly, very professionally written...
...a very entertaining, very readable style."
- Jerry Gross, Editor and Author of Editors on Editing

"The novel is the first fictional work from Michael
Marcotte and it's very readable and fast-paced.
The history and the setting are masterfully created."
- Wendy Featherstone,
Jagged: A Sharp Online Magazine

"Whether you are an adventurer in real life or just at heart,
you will love this book. Michael Marcotte has created an intelligent,
multi-layered and intricate plot that will surprise and please
readers who love adventure."
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- Jill Winkler, Under the Covers Reviews

"Michael Marcotte had to reach me through plot and characterization.
He delivered...You are pulled along on a suspenseful journey through
the wild jungles of the amazon...packed with mystery and drama,
murder and death, adventure and discovery"
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- Janice Preston, Author of Defiant Love

"If you want to be able to tell your friends that you read the book before it
became a top movie, get a copy of Gold in the Shadow by Michael Marcotte.
Though the first chapter started slowly, I couldn't put the book down from then on.
The story takes place in the jungles of Peru as a mixed group of treasure seekers/scientists
and the heroine (looking for her lost twin brother) battle Indians, the environment,
and monsters. You're not sure who is an ally and who might kill whom.
Add in the right ratio of fact, theory, legend and imagination
and you have a great adventure thriller."
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- J. Reynolds, a reader from North Carolina, USA

"Marcotte has written a thoroughly delightful novel of suspense,
adventure and even terror. This book had no problem keeping my
interest. He created a story that is both incredible enough to be
exciting and believable enough to be scary."
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- Independent reviewer at

"A first-rate adventure novel. Indiana Jones has met his match...
This book kept my attention from start to finish."
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- Kevin Apgar, independent reviewer

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