Knights Templar who are included in my direct ancestry

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Hugues I de Blois, Comte de Champagne a.k.a. Hugh of Champagne (one of the earliest Templars)

Foulques V d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem (one of the early Templars)

Gilbert de Lacy

Robert IV de Sablé (Grand Master from 1191-1193)

Guillaume de Saunhac a.k.a. William of Sonnac, (Grand Master from 1250-1256)

Alfonso (Henriques) I, First King of Portugal

Robert de Ros (English, witnessed the Magna Carta)

Indirect (no known descendants, but brother of a director ancestor)
Bertrand de Blanquefort (6th Grand Master, from 1136-1169)

Indirect (no known descendants, but distantly related)
Guillaume de Chartres (14th Grand Master, from 1136-1169)

Direct ancestors of my children via their mother's Staples ancestry
William de Ferrers (English, died 1190 at the siege of Acre)
Robert de Ros (English, witnessed the Magna Carta)

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