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Genealogy/Lineage Charts (Image-based)
My Paternal and maternal lineages (Image-based)
Famous Cousins (Image-based)
Various Marcotte Branches (Image-based)

Association des Familles Marcotte
A Marcotte Coat-of-Arms

Fecamp chamber of Commerce (Image-based)
Map of NW France with Fecamp
Map of Fecamp showing Marcotte house
Virtual Tour of Fecamp (Image-based)
Fecamp le port, vers 1875 (Image-based)

Ancestral Images (Image-based)

SUPER Genealogy Links
The Odds of Being related (image-based)
Reunion Powerpoint Show (image-based)
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My Native American Ancestry (Image-based chart)

Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Family
Marcotte Q&A Forum at Genealogy.com
Marcotte Q&A Forum at Ancestry.com
Who was Hugh Margot?

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