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Please note that in addition to the photos listed below,
there are NUMEROUS photos scattered throughout the web site.
(especially on the Moisant page at: moisant_asc2.htm,
and the Marcotte lineage charts at: lineage2.htm and lineage3.htm)
If you have other old photos (persons born before 1930 only, please...
...otherwise I could never add all of them) of individuals listed in this genealogy,
please feel free to e-mail them, or to send copies by regular mail.

Unidentified Tintype photo (Marcotte? Moisant? Leblanc? Hebert?)

Louis Marcotte & Philomene Lambert

Louis Marcotte (son of Antoine Marcotte, III)

Louis Marcotte & Philomene Lambert - earlier photo

Louis Marcotte - another earlier photo

Julia (Mercier/Messier) Marcotte
(Louis Marcotte's first wife, and mother of Archille Marcotte)

Mathilda (Mercier/Messier) Marcotte
(Narcissus Marcotte's wife and sister of Julia Messier Marcotte)

Louis Messier and Thecle Demers
(parents of Julia & Mathilda Messier)

Louis Marcotte and Julia Mercier/messier's sons: Archille, Mitchell, Louis Jr., Clement, Joseph and Boniface's son Alfred and (?Joseph)

John Baptiste Moisant, Alexine (LeBlanc) and family

Archille and Caroline Marcotte & family

Archille and Caroline Marcotte & family - later photo

Joseph and Lena (Moisant)Marcotte

Joseph and Lena (Moisant) Marcotte Wedding Photo (large size, best scan)

Joseph and Lena (Moisant)Marcotte's family, circa 1929

Several more Joseph and Lena (Moisant) Marcotte's family

Jacques Marcot(te)'s and Elizabeth Sale/Sall´┐Ż's
signatures on their 1670 marriage contract

Mitchell & Julia (Ribordy) Marcotte (50th Anniversary photo)

Mitchell Marcotte's family at home near Aurora, KS.
left to right: Eugene, Nelda, Mathilda, Ferdinand, Julia, Alcid, Mitchell, Delia, Martha (Narcisse's wife) and Narcisse.

Olivier(aka Xavier) Marcotte, son of Antoine II

Julie Rivard, wife of Olivier(aka Xavier) Marcotte

Alexis Marcote (son of Olivier) and Rosalie Melancon

Oliver Alexis Marcote (son of Alexis Marcotte and Rosalie Melancon)

Narcisse "Nelson" Marcotte, (son of Alexis Marcotte and Rosalie Melancon)

Adolphus Marcotte, son of Olivier (aka Xavier)

Dolphus Dumas, Albert Lawrence, Leo Moisant, Joe Marcotte, Rob White, John Baptiste Moisant

small version of preceeding photo

John Baptiste Moisant and Alexine (Leblanc) Moisant in later years.

Mary Marcotte Lecuyer (daughter of Louis Marcotte and Julia Messier/Mercier).

Eloie Marcotte (son of Antoine Marcotte III and brother of Louis Marcotte.

Children of Henry Moisant (relation???).

Lena Ozment with daughter Bernice (relation???).

Possibly Archille & Caroline Marcotte, with kids (circa 1900).

Several other old Marcotte & Moisant family photos


A View of the City of Fécamp

The 17th century Fécamp house of Charles Marcotte,
Jacqueline Baucher and their sons, Jacques and Nicolas

Another view of the Fécamp house

More recent photos of the Fécamp house and Rue des Frères Marcotte

Pioneers of Canada Plaque on Marcotte House in Fécamp

The Benedictine Abbey in Fécamp, France

exterior view of L'abbatiale de la Trinité, Fécamp, France

interior view of L'abbatiale de la Trinité, Fécamp, France

Try this really cool Columbia University site to visit Trinity Abbey ( ca. 1175 to 1220) in Fécamp via 360 degree panoramic photos prepared by Columbia's Art History & Archaeology Department. Next best thing to being there.
Abbatiale de la Trinite Virtual Panoramas

1667 Clock inside Trinity Abbey, Fécamp

Map of NW France showing location of Fécamp

Views of the approx. area of Jacques Marcot(te)'s
first farm in the Seigneury Dutor at Bécancour

1700s Map of the Trois Rivières and Bécancour area

Locator Map for the Trois Rivières/Bécancour/Cap Santé/Neuville area

Street Map of Fécamp, France showing the location of Jacques and Nicolas's old home.

Colonial Chapel at Cap-de-la-Madeleine

Interior of the church in Neuville, Canada
that dates back to when Jacques Marcot was living in Neuville

The Jacques Marcot House in Cap Santé

Another view of Jacques' house in Cap Santé

October 2008 view of Jacques' house in Cap Santé

Jean-François "Petit-Jean" House in Cap Santé

Another view of Jean-François "Petit-Jean" House in Cap Santé

Former house of Jannot Marcotte, in Cap Santé


16th and 17th century Marcotte records from Fécamp

Sep 9, 1670 marriage contact signatures for Jacques Marcotte & Elisabeth Sallé
Full Sep 9, 1670 marriage contact document Jacques Marcotte & Elisabeth Sallé
April 6, 1717, double-marriage of Jannot and Petit Jean to Morisset sisters.
February 23, 1738 baptism record for Antoine Marcotte I, son of Jean-François Marcotte & Marie-Anne Morisset
May 20, 1765 marriage record for Antoine Marcotte I to Thérèse Germain (d/o Joseph Germain & Angelique (Biguet dit Nobert)
December 10, 1783 burial record for Thérèse Germain, wife of Antoine Marcotte I
April 2, 1774 baptism record for (Pierre-) Antoine Marcotte II, son of Antoine Marcotte & Therese Germain
February 20, 1792 marriage record for Antoine Marcotte II & Marguerite Grenier
December 14, 1792 baptism record for Antoine Marcotte III
1803 baptismal record for Benjamin Marcotte
1855 US Citizenship record for Antoine Marcotte III
1860 US Citizenship record for Louis Marcotte
1851 marriage license for Louis Marcotte and Julia Messier
1891 2nd marriage record for Louis Marcotte
(widower of Julia) & Philomene (Lambert) Marcotte (widow of Benjamin)

Lena Moisant's 1887 Baptism certificate (1953 transcript).
Lena Moisant Marcotte's 1970 Obituary
1906 Will of Louis Marcotte
1906 Indian Territory marriage license for Joseph Marcotte & Lena Moisant
1912 death certificate for Philomene (Lambert) Marcotte
1941 obituary for Alexine (LeBlanc) Moisant
1946 obituary for Caroline Marcotte


Monsieur Marcotte (National Gallery, Washington D.C.)

Madame Marcotte (The Louvre, Paris)
with Robin Marcotte (my wife) - a more recent Madame Marcotte

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