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Travel and other Family Photos

Is it Narcissistic to have one's own Personal Web Site?


My Travels and Hobbies

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My siblings:
Michelene  Janine  Sherri  Renee  Rick
Michelene, Janine, Sherri, Renee, Rick

My niece (my sister Janine's daughter) Betty Thompson (now McCuistian)- Miss Oklahoma 2011
& First Runner-up at Miss America 2012

My sister Sherri with three of OU's past Heisman Trophy winners Jason White, Billly Sims and Steve Owens

Link to my sister Sherri's daughter (Ashley Angstadt) magazine photo shoot

Link to Ashley's appearance in Jack in the Box Super Bowl commercial (at very end)

My sister Michelene (in blue shirt) and Bill (across) play Irish music at Sean Cummings Pub in North OKC.

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Old Family Photos of My Parents
and Siblings

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