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Marcotte Blazon


NEWFebruary 2022 - If you are using an Apple iPad or iPhone to view my Webpages, you may have noticed that the programmed hyperlinks in some cases no longer seem to work (dependent on your iOS version). This is due to Apple dropping support for the anchor link syntax used by HTML from the most recent versions of its iOS. Sometimes I have been able to make them work on my iPad, and other times not. It is possible Apple may fix this, as many users have complained.

*May 2019 - For the families descended from Joseph Marcotte and Lena Moisant, I added a link at the bottom of each of those family pages (Lehman, Allen, Carroll, etc.) to an "Extended ancestry chart" like the one I did for Anna Mae (Marcotte) Lehman's 100th birthday celebration.

*March 2019 - I added a link to my page at: http://michaelmarcotte.com/flags.htm that opens
a SmugMug page with my slides and comments from a March 2019 presentation
that I did on the current state of ancestry and ethnicity DNA testing.
You can also go directly to those slides from this link: Ancestry & Ethnicity DNA Testing

*January 2019 - I relocated my Web site away from the GoDaddy webhosting company and to the Web server of one of my cousins who works in that industry. The reason for the move was that GoDaddy does not provide what, in my opinion, should be requisite security provided (as do other Web site hosting companies) at no cost to its clients. This issue affected my site for visitors who used a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find my homepage. The problem has existed at least since 2014, but as of January 2019, GoDaddy had failed to remedy the vulnerability of their servers. See: SEO Spam vunerabilty
The site relocation should be transparent to visitors; no action need be taken by you. I only mention it in case some of you encountered (...or might still encounter) the spam site when trying to visit me site via Google or Yahoo.

* October 2017 - Because the price of Ancestry DNA tests via various labs has come down in price and advertising for these tests has increased, I added commentary to help explain why the results of such test may not match what you were expecting. The Marcotte Y-DNA is a widely-distributed type known as the Atlantic Modal Haplogroup, with origins including France, and Germany, but even more so in Scandanavia, the British Isles, northwestern Europe, and elsewhere across Europe. Read more here.

* August 2017 - I added a page with materials and photos from the 350th anniversary of the Marcotte families in North America.

* May 2016 - I added information about the August 19 & 20, 2017 celebration of the 350th anniversary of the Marcotte families in North America, to be held in Cap Sant�, Quebec.

* January 2016 - I added the birth certificate for Julien Leblanc
(maternal grandfather of Lena Moisant).

* November 2015 - With the assistance of Olivette Collins in Canada, I was able to obtain the
baptism date and location for Julien Leblanc, at Sainte-Marguerite de Blairfindie, in L'Acadie, Quebec,
on 16 Aug 1835. Julien was the father of Alexine Leblanc (who was in turn, the mother of Mary Lena Moisant)

* October 2015 - During a visit to Nashua, NH, I was able to further substantiate that the Pierre Leblanc family listed on the 1900 and 1910 censuses for Nashua and Willsboro County, and in the marriage archives of St. Louis de Gonzague Cathloic Church parish were the ONLY listed Pierres (father and son), and therefore the elder one necessarily must be the same one as the Pierre noted as Julien Leblanc's brother, of 140 Gilman St. Nashua New Hamphshire, on the reverse side of a photo belonging to Julien's granddaughter, Lena (Moisant) Marcotte. Pierre immigrated from Canada to nashua in 1895, per the 1910 census.

* April 2015 - I added aproximately another 300 more names to my charts, bringing the total to slightly more than 24,000 individuals, not counting the vast majoriy of names in the celebrity\"famous cousins" pages. Most of these were descendants of Adleine Legris &d Eloie Marcotte (son of Antoine Marcotte, III)

* November 2014 - I added a little over 500 more names to my charts, bringing the total to slightly more than 23,700 individuals.

* July 2013 - I added a approximately 300 scanned photos for the descendants of Joseph and Lena Marcotte (which is my branch), within the Smugmug "Genealogy" section and the the SmugMug "Family' section, accessible directly via the Smug icon at the bottom of my HOME page. These are divided into separate sections, which are also linked to via the Web page for each specific child of Joeseph and Lena.

* January 2013 - I added a little over a hundred new names, mostly descendants of Francois-Xavier Marcotte and Sara Leclerc.

* November 2012 - I've added dozens of additional old photos of the Marcotte and Moisant families, mostly here, as well a few hundred new extensions to various branches on the family tree charts, over the past few months. There are now over 23,200 names in these charts.

* June 2012 - For anyone still looking, the e-reader version of my novel,
Gold in the Shadow, (published in hard copy in 2000)
is now available for virtually all e-reader devices!
Purchase the Amazon Kindle version ($3.99) here.
the ePub/mobi version for other readers (for ipad, iPhone, iBooks, Nook, Androis, etc.) here, or here.

* February 2012 - From July 2011 to February 2012, I added another 400 names. There are now over 22,900 related individuals included in my charts and the index.

* January 14, 2012 - My niece, Betty Thompson was selected as the first runner-up at the 2012 Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas. In addition, Betty won the pageant's official video/online fan voting contest as "America's Choice," which automatically guaranteed her a spot among the 15 semifinalists, and she also won one of the three preliminary talent competitions.

* December 2011 - My niece, Betty Thompson (Janine's daughter), will compete as Miss Oklahoma, in January 2012, for the Miss America title.
Vote for Betty's video here, in the Miss America Pageant video contest to show your support!

* June 2011 - My niece, Betty Thompson (Janine's daughter), was crowned Miss Oklahoma 2011 at the June 11 pageant finale.

* June 2011 - From June 2010 to June 2011, I added another 500+ names. There are now over 22,500 individuals included in my charts and the index.

* June 2010 - My niece, Betty, won first runner-up, in the 2010 Miss Oklahoma pageant.

* May 2010 - From October 2010 through May 2010, I added another 500+ names to the charts and index. There are now over 232,000 individuals contained in this genealogy, who have been indexed. There are several hundred more in the "Famous" Cousins section, who are not indexed & who are not included in this count.

* April 2010 - I moved the primary location of this Web site to www.michaelmarcotte.com . The electroauthor.com/marcotte_genealogy site still exists, but I have been unable to update any content on those pages since about December of 2009, and I am uncertain whether that mostly-defunct host service is ever going to restore my update capabilities, thus the content there may stay outdated, and uncorrected.

* April 2010 - I added a page at: http://michaelmarcotte.com/TrinityAbbey.htm, which allows visitors to take an impressive vitrual tour of Trinity Abbey in F�camp, using Columbia University's Art History and Archaeology Department's amazing panoramic zoom interface.

*September 2009 - From January through September 2009, I added another 1000+ names to the charts and index.

*December 2008 - From June through December 2008, I added another 500+ names to the charts and index. There are now over 20,500 individuals contained in this genealogy.

*November 2008 - My niece, Betty Thompson (my sister Janine's daughter) was crowned Miss Oklahoma State 2009 and will compete in the 2009 Miss Oklahoma pageant in June. Her older brother Nathan was named one of OSU's top five senior men in October 2008.
(June 2009 update: Betty finished in the Top ten, and received a $1000 scholarship.)

*June 2008 - From January to June 2008, I added another 1000+ names to the charts and index. There are now over 20,000 individuals contained in this genealogy.

*December 2007 - I added scans of several additional documents related to our early Marcotte ancestors. See list under heading: Old Marcotte Documents .

*September 2007 - I made a couple of single-generation modifications to the charts showing the children of Jacques & Nicolas Marcot\Marcotte based on new evidence presented by Yves Marcotte of Qu�bec. An explanation of the research and new evidence that resulted in these changes appears in the footnotes on the respective pages. The change affect the ascending lineage of the children Marie Marcot and Bernard Delom�, as well as that of the descendants of Michel Marcotte and Josette H�roux. After recent additions, the alphabetical index of names now contains 20,000+ individuals.

*July 2007 - the Alphabetical Index of Names on my site is now up to 18,000+ individuals. I also have added links to a reprint of my journal article: The Marcottage of Oklahoma: the French in the Land of the Red Man , which I wrote in recognition of Oklahoma's 2007 statehood cenntenntial. The article was originally published in a a previous issue of the American-Canadian Genealogist, Issue #111, Vol. 33, 1st Quarter, 2007. The American-Canadian Genealogist is a publication of the American-Canadian Genealogical Society. I also added a link to a short newsletter article that I wrote, on request, for the newsletter of the Association des Familes Marcotte, concerning my Kansas & Oklahoma Branch of the Marcotte family.

*April 2007 - I added a site search feature to several of the main pages. While Google's site searches are not necessarily exhaustive; I've found that it may help narrow your search within this site.

*Late March 2007 - I have added a link for Jules No�l's painting (ca 1875) of F�camp, le port (used at this site with official Museum permission).

*Late February 2007 - I have added a link for Various Marcotte branches, which serves to point website visitors towards the four main origin branches of the Marcotte families in Normandy, Picardy and Nord\Pas-de-Calais. I continue to seek information in hopes of eventually linking these branches at some earlier ancestor. I've also added a link to a Virtual Tour of F�camp. I'll continue to link site photos to that map as I obtain them.

*February 2007 - Over the past three months I have added a few hundred more names to the charts and index. Most of these have come directly from the Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Family, but several have also been for the descendants of Robert Marcotte of F�camp (the elder brother of Canadian pioneers Jacques and Nicolas), who remained in France. The full alphabetical names index now contains over 17,000 individuals. I've also added a link to a 1958 article by Swiss art historian Hans Naef on the family of Charles Marcotte d'Argenteuil. See: Ingres Portraits of the Marcotte Family. The 1958 copyright expired in 1986 (non-renewed), and the article is now in the publich domain, so I have reposted here in it's entirety, although the French sections lost the French diacritical (accent) marks during conversion. The article is a 6 MB Adobe .pdf file so it can take several moments to dispaly. I have also updated my Metis Sources page, which discusses several ancestors of speculated Amerindian descent to reflect recent mitochondrial DNA tests by various descendants which now invalidates past speculation about Amerindian origins for both Radegonde Lambert and Catherine Lejeune.

*November 2006 - Try this really cool Columbia University site to visit Trinity Abbey ( ca. 1175 � 1220) in F�camp via 360 degree panoramic photos prepared by Columbia's Art History & Archaeology Department. After the Quicktime ActiveX Control and images finish loading, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to pan left and right, and the up and down arrows to aim overhead or pan downward. Click the mouse on the + or - controls to zoom in closer or zoom out. If you have trouble, try clicking again inside the image, then using the control keys or zoom icons (- +). Next best thing to being there.
Abbatiale de la Trinite, Interior view of choir
Abbatiale de la Trinite, Interior view of crossing
Abbatiale de la Trinite, Interior view of nave
Abbatiale de la Trinite, Interior view of north ambulatory
Abbatiale de la Trinite, Interior view of south ambulatory

*November 2006 - I posted photos taken in September 2006, by Brother Michael Marcotte, O.S.B., while he was in Normandy, France, visiting descendants of Robert Marcotte still living in F�camp and nearby Colleville - Robert was the brother of Jacques and Nicolas. The first set of these that I have placed on-line are photos of the 16th and 17th century records that: provide the name of Arthus Marcotte, a 1580 baptism of Andrieu's daughter Marion, Nicolas Marcotte's 1642 death record, 1599 baptism of Charles Marcotte, the 1644 baptism record of Jacques Marcotte, the 1642 baptism of Robert, and more. click HERE to link to these document photos.

*October 2006. Added F�camp harbor and ship photos that could almost be like 1667.

*Association of Marcotte Families relaunched in Canada. Click here for more information.

*In September 2006, I added additional discussion and evidence for the presumed Amerindian\Metis ancestry of several feamle ancestors who married into our French Canadian and Acadian lineages, including some encouraging new mitochondrial DNA evidence for Radegonde Lambert.Click here for more information. I also extended and made correction to the line of Jean-Baptiste Marcot and Marie Neskech (Ottawa Amerindian)

*From March through August 2006, I added another three hundred or so Marcotte and spouse names to my charts & index.

*From July through November 2005, I added several hundred more Marcotte descendants to my charts and index. There are now over 15,000 individuals contained in this genealogy.

*In June 2005, I added two new links on my Super Genealogy Links Page to Dave King's web pages on the origins of the "Petit Canada" area around Bourbonnais, Illinois and the general reasons for the migration of French Canadians to this area.

*From March through June 2005, I added several more names and Marcotte branches from Jean Marcotte's Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Families.

*In Feb 2005, I added the then-current Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, to the charts. He is related via several different family lines.

*In Jan 2005, I added several lines of descent from Emile Joseph Marcotte, son of Clement (son of Louis & Julia), sent to me by Bill and Judy (Marcotte) Griffith. For entertainment's sake, I've also recently added a few more notable French-Canadian "cousins" whose lineages tie back into our Grenier, Gagnon, Gagne, Hebert, Moisant and Marcotte bloodlines.

*In July 2004, I designed a new look for my genealogy home page. All of the old links should still be here, but the page has been reorganized with a fresh, modernized and more consistent format. I also added a few more names to the chart containing descendants of Rolland Marcotte and Florence Beauchamp, and I updated the verbage on the Marcotte coat of arms page, including a description of the origin and use of the "lion leoparde" device in heraldry.

*In July 2004, I added more names and corrected errors in the names of the children of Clement Marcotte (son of Louis Marcotte) and Edvege Bechand\Bashamp. I also corrcetd the placement of Della (Marcotte) and Roy Montgomery. Della, daughter of Clement Marcotte was previously believed by family to be the dauaghter of the Clement Marcotte who was a brother of Caroline, but research by Brother Michael Marcotte, O.S.B., further discussion with relatives, and new communications from descendants of Della place her as the daughter of the Clement who was Archille's brother. (i.e. the Cement who was a son of Louis and Julia Mercier/Messier Marcotte).

*In March 2004, I added more names and several old photos for the branch of Joseph Marcotte and Rose-Delima Painchaud, early pioneers of Saskatchewan, Canada. This Joseph Marcotte and his descendants are decended from Nicolas Marcot, brother of Jacques, both of whom arrived in Canada from Normandy in 1667. Also in March 2004, working by correspondence with the Claire Lambert of Montreal and Suzette Leclair of Rawdon, Quebec, who acessed various parish archives and the genealogical dictionary prepared by Rene Jette, we were able to piece together the lineage for Marguerite Bruneau\Sicard de Carufel (Philomene Lambert's grandmother).

*In February 2004, I discovered a bit more information about Philomene (Lambert) Marcotte's mother, Mary Luneau. With the very generous assistance of distant cousin Claire Lambert of Montreal (who scoured various parish repetoires and databases at the French-Candian Genealogical Society in Montreal, we were able to untangle Mary Luneau's parentage. For that lineage, sources and a description of the discovery process, click here. The lineage for Marie Bruneau (Marie Luneau's mother) remained unknown. Marriage records simply show her parents names as "omitted."

*In February 2004, I moved the list of links related to famous distant cousins and possible lines back to historical royal figures to its own page called Famous Cousins.. The list seemed overly pretentious taking up so much real estate on the main genealogy page. I added a couple of well known celebrities whose lineages are still being traced, but are expected to merge somewhere along the lines back to the 17th century pioneers of Canada.

*In January 2004, I discovered additional information about the Charles Marcotte and Madame Marcotte who appear in the paintings of the great French classicist painter, Jean-Auguiste Dominique Ingres. The painting of Charles hangs at the Smithsonian, in the National Gallery of Art, while the painting of Madame Marcotte hangs in the Louvre. For their genealogy and how Charles' two sons-in-law initiated the construction of Sacre-Coeur basilica in Paris, click here.

* From August through November, 2003, I added several more of the entries from Jean Marcotte's Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Family. The index and charts now contain over 10,000 individuals.

* In July 2003, I made a few corrections and added several new photos to the Marcotte charts related to Louis Marcotte and Julia Messier (aka Mercier). These corrections and photos of individuals in Mitchell Marcotte and Julia Ribordy's family are made available through the research efforts of Brother Michael Marcotte, O.S.B., and descendants of Louis and Julia Marcotte.

* In May 2003, I added several new photos to the Moisant and Marcotte charts. These are mostly photos of individuals in my grandparents' and great grandparent's immediate and expanded (siblings, cousins) families.

* In March & April 2003, I added another 400+ Marcotte descendants to the charts and the Names index. Almost all of these additions came directly from Jean Marcotte's 1983 Genealogical Dictionary of the Marcotte Families.

* In February 2003, I added more names and photos, most of the names consisting of descendants of Francois and Madeleine Marcotte (contributed by Anne Morse). Francois was a descendant of Canadian pioneer Jacques Marcot via both the Jannot and Jacques II lines.

* In December 2002, I added more names and photos, sent by Brother Michael Marcotte of Conception Abbey. Most of these are descendants of Mitchell Marcotte and Julia Ribordy. I also added 150 more names from Jean Marcotte's Dictionary of the Marcotte Family.

* In November 2002, I added a photo sent by Brother Michael Marcotte of Conception Abbey (original source: Regina [Marcotte] Menard of Clyde, KS, which shows all of Louis Marcotte and Julia Mercier/Messier's sons except Boniface (but includes Boniface's sons Alfred picture, and Joseph?). Photo may be see from "Ancestral Images" link on main page, or Click here .

*In July, 2002 through October 2002, I added approximately another 100 names scattered here and there throughout the charts, mostly updates e-mailed by various Marcottes.

*In June 2002, I finished adding several new charts containing another 1,000+ Marcotte descendants. These June 2002 additions are mostly decendants of Antoine Marcotte and Marie Gagnon, but descend via closely related Marcotte lines rather than through the same line of ancestors as me.

* In April 2002, I added another 100+ Marcotte descendants to the charts and the Names index. These April 2002 additions are mostly decendants of Nicolas Marcot and Bernard-Pierre Marcotte.

* From October 2001 through March 2002, I added another 300 Marcotte descendants to the charts and the Names index.

* In August and September, 2001, I made some progress on the lineage of Julien Leblanc.
While going through a box of old photos that had belonged to my grandmother,
Lena (Moisant) Marcotte, I came across one labeled "Pierre Leblanc, brother of
Julien, 140 Gilman St., Nashua NH." This information led me to the discovery of the
ancestry and family information for Pierre which, yes, included mention of a
brother Julien (who was believed to have married in Illinois), and other siblings.
I have not yet been able to find where ANY of these siblings were born, so I cannot
yet say that there is proof for this lineage, but I am convinced that this is the correct line.
The photos and lineage can be found at:
Click Here
I have also now found and posted photos of Sophie Richard and Jean-Baptiste Hebert at:
Click Here

* In July, 2001, I added several old photos and another 200 cousins to the charts and the Names index. These are the children and grandchildren of my first cousins; i.e.- grandchildren of Selena (Marcotte) Carroll, Maggie (Marcotte) Tippit, Edward Marcott, Cleo Marcotte, J.B. Marcotte, and Anna Mae (Marcotte) Lehman...I already had Bertha (Marcotte) Allen's and Anna Belle (Marcotte) Haase's. If any of these are missing, it is because I do not have their names.

* In June, 2001, I added approximately another 400 individuals to the charts and the Names index. Many of these are the descendants of Joseph Marcotte and Elisabeth Courteau and others not in my direct line, along with other descendants of Jacques Marcot(te) and Elisabeth Sal�, as recorded in the Dictionnaire G�n�alogique des Familles Marcotte. Approximately 100 are siblings of the first few known Marcotte generations (Jacques' & Nicolas' uncles, aunts, great uncles, great aunts, and the offspring of those related Marcotte families, as documented in the archives of the Hotel de Ville, in Fécamp, Normandy. I also added the Ovila Marcotte lineage (Frederic, Antoine, Michel, Michel, Jacques) and related Marcotte lines. I also replaced images of the coat of arms with a slightly modified version that shows the lower portion of the shield more correctly (3 black bars on a gold background), rather than as could have been incorrectly interpreted from my earlier images (which looked more like 2 gold bars on a black background).

* In May, 2001, I added a link for downloading a high quality, frameable copy of the Marcotte coat of arms: Click here , then press the RIGHT mouse button, and click on 'Save Picture As'. I also added a bit of new clarifying information and added translations to Sophie Richard's 1874 diary, after hearing from Martha Costello, the 4xgreat grandaughter of Daniel McPherson, the "Seigneur" of Isle-aux-Grues who adopted Cecile Laflamme (Sophie's mother).

* In April, 2001, I added approximately 400 additional names to the charts and the index. Most of these are Marcotte descendants from Jacques other children (rather than my own direct ancestors) who lived in the 1700s and 1800s. It is hoped this will provide online information to more distantly related cousins who are researching their own ancestries.

* In January, 2001, I added a link from my Marcotte Genealogy page to Genealogy.com's Marcotte Genealogy Forum page, where family researchers may post questions to other Marcotte researchers who might be able to help in your own research.

* In December, 2000, I extended the line of Marie-Anne Marcil (an ancestor in the Boudreau and Moisant lineages).

* In November, 2000, I extended the line of Marie Boudreau (married Etienne Boudreau, 1771). The extended lineage includes Amerindian ancestor Jeanne Aimee Mahis of the village of Quicnakagan (near Port Royal). That native american descent is also now show on the special ancestry chart at: My Native American Ancestry. However, as of December 2008, I modified this chart to stop at Marie Aubois, a Mi'qmak, sincew Jeanne could not have been the correct mother due to her same age as Marie. Also the Boudreau lineage does not apparently lead to Aubois, after all.

* In November, 2000, I extended the line of Mitchell Marcotte (son of Louis, brother of Archille) to include Mitchell's children and photos of the family.

* In September, 2000, I extended the line of Anne Landry, great great grandmother of Caroline Marcotte (m. Archille Marcotte). Although this lineage only is applicable for direct descendants of Caroline Marcotte, the lineage does provide another rich legacy that ascends to Charlemagne, William the Conqueror and Alfred the Great.

* In July and August, 2000, I added about 200 more individuals to my charts, extending various lines, including more descendents of Jacques Marcotte and Marie Beaudet, and more descendants of pioneer Nicolas Marcot.

* In June 2000, I completed the translation of Sophie Richard's 1874-1878 and 1878-1880 diaries. Both the French(Candaian) and English text is now posted online, at the bottom of the chart containing
Sophie's family: Sophie Richard. The direct addresses to link to the diaries are: 1874 diary and 1878 diary
I also added a link to some new background information that I have been able to turn up on my
great great grandfather, Julien Leblanc (aka Julius White).

* In May 2000, I modified the "Notes" link on the Laflamme page to reflect the most accurate account of the Exiles from Miquelon story that has circulated for years about Sophie Richard and Cecile Laflamme's ancestry. The correction comes following my translation from French to English of Sophie Richard's actual diary (now owned by Faye and Jim Crow--Faye is also one of Sophie's descendants). A newspaper obituary from Sophie's 1881 death clarified the matter. Laflamme

* In May 2000, I added a link for persons interested in tracking down their own copy of Jean marcotte's Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Marcotte.

* In December, 1999, I extended the (speculative) Savoie lineages from various French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Kings to earlier generations, which include English, Scottish and Irish Kings, then branch all the way back to Scythian, Parthian, and pre-Arab Persian royalty. Although I have not added them to my charts, I also added links that describe two lines used by related British royalty to trace their lineage to Adam. One line uses primarily legendary Irish figures to link back to Biblical figures in Genesis, the other uses a line we share with Queen Victoria to trace back to Adam via descendants and ancestors of King David. Please note that lineages to Adam are considered mostly nonsense by stricter genealogists, due to the impossibility of proof. Provable or not, it was fun!

* In November, 1999, I added (disputed) lineages stemming from ancestor Francois Savoie to Charlemagne, various French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Kings. Francois is storied (albeit considered unlikely) to be the illegitimate son of Thomas Francois Savoie, Prince of Carignan. Bona Arsenault, a prominent Acadian genealogist who compiled the 6-volume, Histoire et Genealogie des Acadiens, in the 1950s, was the primary source for this information. The lineage is widely claimed in "family-contributed" files on the LDS database, Ancestry.Com and others, but has been neither proven or disproven, except that Francois' mother could not have been Thomas Francois' legal wife, Marie Soissons de Bourbon, due to the dates of Francois' birth in 1621 and Marie's marriage in 1625 (unless Marie bore an illegitimate son by the prince 4 yeras prior to the marriage). There are historical, albeit possibly coincidental linkages between the Duke of Savoy and Quebec Province at the period when Francois was living there. Most researchers - including me - recognize that this lineage is dubious, and is widely considered discredited. Even Arsenault later admitted that there was no evidence beyond oral tradition to support the storied lineage. In many cases, I have subsequently redone the "royal" gateways to pass via one or more ancestors for whom there is better evidence or proof.

* In November, 1999, I extended the Bousquet, Phaneuf (Faneuf), and Deslandes lines stemming from the Marcotte-Messier(Mercier) connections of Julia and Mathilda Messier.

* In October, 1999, I extended the line of Julia Messier (Mercier), who was married to Louis Marcotte, and added her direct lineages via these families: Demers, Frechette, Dubois, Paquet-Lariviere, Viau, Guyon, Jette, Poirier, Viger, Dupere, Gagnon, Chretien, Miville, Houde, Cauchon, Pouillot, Guillebout, Bigot and others.

* In October, 1999, I extended the line of Ruedoff Jackson Staples and related families.

* In September, 1999, I added this "What's New" page.

* In September, 1999, I added a section at the bottom of the Ancestral Images page that contains copies of Marcotte portraits by the French Master, Ingres. I also Included some biographical background on the Marcottes in question.

* In September, 1999, I extended the line of Oliver Marcotte (b. 1812) and Julie Rivard.

In September, 1999, I added a link to my Native American ancestry

* In August, 1999, I added the ancestries of Philomene Lambert (who married Benjamin Marcotte) and Marie Gagnon (who married Antoine Marcotte III).

* In August, 1999, I added a link from the Genealogy Start Page to "Super Genealogy Links" - a collection of my most frequently referred to genealogy search engines and related genealogy pages.

* In July, 1999, I changed many of the charts to use a GIF image instead of a JPG image, because of observations that the text was unreadable or links did not work when accessing certain pages via America OnLine (AOL).

* In July, 1999, I also added source references for the three newly discovered Marcotte generations (ca. 1480-1545) from Fécamp: "Le Marcot" born about 1480, Arthus Marcotte, born about 1510, and Andrieu Marcotte, born about 1545. These additions were based on documentation sent to me by Dominique René Th�z�, a Marcotte descendant living in Le Mans, France, who located a previously unreferenced (by Jean Marcotte) set of archives at the Hotel de Ville in Fécamp.

* In July, 1999, I added a link from the Genealogy Start Page that shows the lineage of Jean Chrétien, the then-current Prime Minister of Canada (and a direct descendant of Antoine Marcotte II and Marguerite Grenier). He is my 4th cousin, once-removed, so many of you may be able to determine a similar relationship.

* The present format of the first of these genealogy charts was placed on-line in 1998. I am not exactly sure of the date of the first versions of my Marcotte genealogy charts on the Internet. The location/URl has changed a couple of times, but my oldest copies of the HTML code used to display the charts are dated 1997, and I had experimented with displaying a few image-only files on-line as early as mid-1996, not too many months after Microsoft came out with the Internet Explorer browser (August 1995).

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